Sunday, August 03, 2008

Ugh, now I know why I never spun this roving

Remember the ugly colored, rather felted together roving I mentioned that I was spinning? (It was my first attempt at dyeing months ago, so I guess the ugliness is excusable.) I managed to pull the roving apart into extremely thin slivers and was actually able to spin in (into thick and thin yarn, but hey, it spun).

(Ugh, I don't even want to upload these pictures to my flickr- it's so embarrassing! Into my photobucket they go!)

This is the roving, henceforth known as "Horrible Pink Entrails" (seriously, it looked like someone's innards)

And this is the yarn I spun from it:

I hate the color so much so I soaked it in some tea water and got it to be a more toned down version, which I now called "God, this yarn is ugly". Or, as my friend commented when she walked into the kitchen, "Oh, that's yarn! I thought something was seriously wrong with your pasta!"

Then I stuck it back on the stove with a mixture of tea bags (in an attempt to take some edge off the pink), "christmas red" cake dye, burgundy cake dye, and red food coloring- pretty much any red I could get my hands on to get rid of the ugliness of the KoolAid color it had originally had.

After many many rinses to get all that red out (and onto my hands, which are now a bright matching pink. I never seem to remember to wear gloves...), I ended up with something only slightly less ugly pink, which I will now call "Flamingo Carnage":

So, all in all, a lot of time went into making ugly yarn only slightly less ugly; I don't think it was worth it, though, because what am I going to do with horrible pink yarn? And I still have more of this mess to spin. (Maybe I'll make cat toys out of it- Clara won't care what color her toys are!) It's just embarrassing to have made "yarn barf" long after I had gotten past that point.

Ah well, at least I'm getting practice in dyeing and spinning! Maybe the next one I'll try tinting more towards purple and see if that helps. Or maybe try black again (last time it came out purple when I tried black, but that wasn't so bad). Anything to improve upon "Horrible Pink Entrails"!


M. Augusta Woodland said...

Ok, is it horrible that I actually really like that pink color? LoL!

Merily said...

LOL! The color's starting to grow on me, if that counts. ;)

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