Monday, September 15, 2008

Awesome trade, finished dragon, and begging for votes

I meant to post this earlier today but my internet kept cutting in and out and it wouldn't let me. Stupid internet.

Anyway, I want to share the pretties I got from a trade I did with my fellow FAE team member Jennifer from faeryspellcreations on Etsy.

First, this lovely lovely "Woodland Faery Queene Mask":

It's going on my wall as part of my feather mask collection (and by "collection", I mean I have three now, lol. Someday I'll have a collection worthy of a Tayledras, though!). And methinks I may have to wear it as part of my faerie costume. :)

And the other thing is this awesome pair of dragon wings that she made custom for me:

Aren't those wings pretty? :D I'm going to modify them just slightly, though, by painting the straps with a green vine pattern to make them blend into my green bodice when I wear them. But it makes me happy because that's the last part I needed to finish my faerie costume! Well, I had another faerie costume, but I wanted a green one to match my persona/muse/avatar.

And here's what I was working on earlier this week:

My best friend wanted a "boob dragon" to stick down her bodice for the Renfaire, so I'm hoping this is the right shape to stay down there. I've never made dragons to shove down there before. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever sculpted a dragon before. I'm going to have to make more! (Regular dragons, I mean. Not ones that go in your shirt, lol.) I have an obsession with dragons (hence the wings), so I'm kind of surprised I'd never tried sculpting one.

One last thing- can I recruit you guys to vote for the EtsyHookers Crazy Hat Challenge? I thought my faerie hat was pretty cool, but it doesn't have many votes- but then again, look at the awesome competition! I don't want to make people vote for me, so just vote for your favorite. :)


Knitted Gems said...

What an unusual request for a dragon. She's bound to get a lot of comments from it. Such fun!

You should make more of them. He turned out very cute.

PS. I voted.

Orion Designs said...

I think your hat is great and I voted!

Merily said...

I'm betting she'll get lots of comments about it, too. I wouldn't want people looking there, but to each her own. ;)

Thanks! I've been thinking about how I would make regular-shaped dragons.

And thanks for voting, guys!

Deronda G said...

Teehee, love the dragon. Not sure that I'd want a boob dragon, but he sure is cute.

Merily said...

lol, yeah, I think she's the only one who wants a boob dragon. ;) And thanks!

Liquid said...

Ok.........I am lovin' your blog!

I NEED those green wings!

Pleasure to have found ya'!

Merily said...

Yay, glad you like it! :D

You should definitely check out her shop on Etsy- it's
She makes some lovely wings, and I love that she does some custom. :)

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