Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Look, I've been working on things!

This being tired all the time thing is a real pain. I've fallen behind with my street teams and I feel really bad about that, especially when it comes to FAST since that team is... well, my team. I'll try to post a member interview today sometime and start putting together the goodie bags ASAP. I swear, I'm not normally this crappy of a leader!

Anyway, here are the things I've been working on lately and finished that I wanted to post about.

I made this purse to go with my Herald costume. I had actually finished most of it months ago, but only just got around to finishing the strap and sewing it all together. I still have to find some white velcro to use for the flap, though. (Which reminds me- I still want to make a costume of regular Whites; the costume I have now is a fancy white dress. Pretty, but not overly practical. Really, I just want a costume with pants; it's annoying to always deal with skirts when you're wearing a costume. But I digress.)

This is a dragon I made for myself. I really wanted one after making the boob dragon for my best friend, but I didn't want one to shove down my shirt, lol. He's actually a bit darker than he looks in the photo- the flash washed him out (and his purples match a bit better than it looks). He's about 3 inches tall. I haven't named him yet, but I'm sure he'll follow suit with the names I give my virtual dragons and end up with something in Old English. (I do love that language, even if it's a pain to learn!)

And here's that dragon shawl I've been working on for a while and finally finished. I think it's cute, but it came out a bit ruffly on the border. I know the problem is because I couldn't block it (I used acrylic yarn), but at least I managed to get it to lay a bit flatter by sewing the scales on the outside down a bit. I'll have to try it again in wool and see if it comes out straighter. I really like it, though- it's green and cute and dragon-y, just as I like. :)

I'm currently spinning some of this roving from beemiceelf on Etsy that my fiancé awesomely bought me (I'm working on the "Early Drop" colorway first), and I'm also crocheting this little dragon for a K-and-CAL on Ravelry. Unfortunately the handspun yarn I'm using is a bit thinner than it calls for, so I'm not sure how it's going to come out.

Oh, and happy (slightly belated) Mabon to those who celebrate it!


Orion Designs said...

That purse is beautiful Meri!

Merily said...

Thank you! I wanted a purse that was big enough to hold all my stuff, but wouldn't be too large to carry around with my dress and cloak.

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