Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Proof of my dorkiness

Proof that my fiancé and I are dorks- last night I sat down to start sculpting things for my Dungeons and Dragons character (a cleric of Hermes; the messenger/mischief god), then said fiancé joined me (he's the DM) and we kinda went sculpt crazy. Some are spell components, some are what the spell physically looks like.

In no particular order:
-Berries for the “Goodberry” spell
-Holly for “Invisibility to Animals”
-Tangled vines for “Entangle”, “Plant Growth”, “Snare” and “Spike Growth”
-Blue bottle for “Water Walk”, “Create Water”, “Resist Cold”, and “Water Breathing”
-Red bottle to represent potions or whatnot
-A staff/rod for “Augury” and to represent the “Rod of Beguile” that I have
-A rock/lodestone for “Locate Object”, “Meld Into Stone”, and “Stone Shape”
-A mirror for “Sanctuary” (or as Josh says, a frying pan for cooking or hitting over the head)
-A shamrock for “Shillelagh”and whenever I need an herb or plant
-A piece of iron for “Heat Metal”, “Hold Person”
-A bowl of incense/smoke for “Pass Without Trace”, “Protection From Evil”, “Glyph of Warding”, “Speak With Dead”, etc
-A piece of parchment for “Detect Poison” and whenever I have a message to deliver
-A tree for “Barkskin” and “Tree” (where it would be used instead of my figure)
-A shiny sphere/globe for “Charm Person/Mammal”, “Command”, “Detect Magic”, “Enthrall”, and whenever I need to do a divination spell or charm someone.
-A flaming sword for “Flame Blade”
-A ball of flame for “Fire Trap”, “Produce Flame”, “Resist Fire”, “Flame Walk”, “Pyrotechnics”, and any other fire spell
-A tornado-looking thing for my air elemental and for “Dust Devil”
-A snake for “Snake Charm”, “Hold Animal”, “Messenger” or any other animal spell
-A piece of wood for “Trip”, “Shillelagh”, “Warp Wood” or any other wood spell
-And last but not lease, my character's Holy Symbol of a winged fox.

I just wish the pictures showed more clearly how shiny some of the things are. Anyway, I still have to find fake bugs (Josh said he had some) and a cork, and I'm going to use a small plastic dragon for “Wyvern Watch”, and a loop of wire for “Bless” and “Silence” (to encircle all the figures on the table).

So, friends, this is what happens when you get an idea in your head and have lots and lots of tiny bits of clay in your stash. On the plus side, I got rid of most of the half empty packages of clay. ;) Honestly, I'm just hoping that with these representations, I'll remember to use more than just the five or so spells I use all the time.

And to bring this post down, my sister called me last night to tell me that our great-grandmother who had recently gone into the hospital for pneumonia on top of her cancer was given only about a month to live. It still hasn't really hit me since she has always been so incredibly healthy. :( So with everything that's going on in my life, please forgive me if I fall out of step with my street teams (I know I missed the EtsyHookers promo last night) or if I don't post to my blogs or Etsy often. First the withdrawal from the medicine I'm on, then my fiancé gets a pay cut, then my mom calls to tell me that her cousin's son died, then the same day I get the call about my great grandmother. Life sure does like kicking me when I'm down.

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