Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Just been working on a few small things

We didn't get to visit my great-grandmother last night, but we're going tonight. Hopefully she'll be feeling better- I hate to see her in pain. :(

I haven't felt up to making much, but I also can't not create, so I've just been making a few small things for myself. Yesterday I felt like playing with clay but not getting into anything complicated, so I just made a few Fall things:

It's an ear of indian corn, two pumpkins, and two leaves. The one leaf is wonky, but since it's for me and I didn't want to put too much energy into my work, I left it the shape it was. I guess I can be less of a perfectionist when I have other things on my mind. Heh.

Today I felt like drawing, so I decided to draw my Gaia avatar again (the avatar is the small picture at the bottom). I like drawing from the avatar; I don't have to think what to draw because she's already wearing it. I did change things a bit though, like her wings, and gave her a tail:

I'll get back to making things for my shop at some point soon (I want to make some Halloween/Autumn pendant necklaces), but I'll probably wait until tomorrow to start. I also have to start the Fall challenge, as well as the swap, for ABST, since both of those are due by the end of the month. How'd it get to be October already? It's always been my favorite month, but I just can't seem to get into it. I haven't even gotten out the decorations yet. Well, I suppose my black cat counts as a decoration, but she's around all year. ;)

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