Monday, October 13, 2008

Quick art update

I visited my family yesterday- they seem to be doing well and trying to stay upbeat. The funeral is Thursday and I'm expecting that to be hard on everyone, though. My great-grandmother had been such a loving, positive part of our lives for so long that I know we all really miss her. But as long as we can stay positive and remember all the good times, I know we'll be okay. :)

I haven't really been working on much, but I have done a few things over the past few days. I've been crocheting a few more pumpkins, just because they're quick and easy to make and keep my hands busy without involving much thought.

I also finished the dragon I had been working on:

His eyes and claws are painted on, but I think the next dragon I make I'm going to use plastic cat eyes instead, now that I know the pattern and how big it is. I predict lots of dragons coming from this because it's pretty easy to make and doesn't use that much yarn.

And this is what I'm currently working on:

For the "Ankh-Morpork Knitter's Guild" (on Ravelry);, we're doing a Pratchgan-Along where we do a square a month based on a Discworld book. The first month is "Color of Magic", so I'm doing this square in the closest color to Octarine (a greenish-purple) that I had in my stash, then I'm going to embroider dice (and possibly a skull) on it.

Of course, this is my very first attempt at the afghan stitch (I had never even used this hook before), so this first square is going to be a bit wonky. Appropriate for the first book in the series, I suppose! I don't much like the afghan stitch, though, so it's taking me longer to finish this square than regular crochet would, because I keep getting bored with it. Heh.

And I almost forgot- Kristy (one of my teammates of ABST) posted a profile about me in her blog. It's here. :)

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