Friday, November 14, 2008

Finished a pratchgan square and a drawing

I'm still working on the drawing for my best friend, as well as Christmas presents that I'm crocheting, but I managed to finish two things today. :)

First, "The Light Fantastic" square for my pratchgan:

Josh (once again) awesomely charted out the design, then I cross stitched the Luggage and red star onto a black square that I had crocheted. I can't wait until I have this blanket finished- it's going to be awesome! Of course, there are 36 books, so it's not going to be finished for a long time, since the Ravelry group is doing one square a month. And, as Josh pointed out today, since Pterry's still writing the series, by the time we get to the end there are going to be even more. (And I'm hoping he'll be able to write for a very long time! I still can't believe the greatest, most talented writer on the planet has Alzheimer's. :( )

Anyway, I also finished a random drawing today:

There was a thing going around on my lj friend page to draw yourself as your favorite Smash Bros character, so I figured I'd try my hand at it. Of course I chose Pit (it was that or Sheik, and I realized that with all of Sheik's wraps, I'd just look like her, lol).

As I was drawing it I realized that I probably look too much like Pit anyway, only slightly older and with glasses and boobs. ;) I decided to give it my colors of choice (black, green, and grey) instead of Pit's white, red, and blue because given the choice, I would not wear Pit's colors. (Me? In white and red? Hahaha!) The scan made the grey look somewhat blue, though. I also got a bit over enthusiastic when drawing the hair, so it's slightly (only slightly!) wilder than mine actually is. Although maybe not, if I have a bad hair day. ;)

But this was a really fun thing to draw, and now I'm betting my fiancé will join in the fun and draw himself as King Dedede or something. XD

And now I'm going to go love the cat because she's been bothering me and trying to climb onto my lap for the past hour. I think she wants me to crochet so she can sit on my lap and play with my yarn.

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