Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy (belated) Halloween!

Happy Halloween/Samhain! I spent the day crocheting, working on a comic, and watching Ghost Hunters, then my mom and sister came over with their puppy. It was so funny watching the puppy try to play with my cat, who couldn't figure out what the heck the puppy was and why it was bothering her. XD Next time I get those two together I'll take pictures because it was so funny watching a small, fluffy white dog try to get the attention of a larger black cat.

Anyway, what I wanted to share today was the guest comic I drew for my fiancé's webcomic "Goblins Like These". He hasn't posted it yet, so I figured I'd post it here. (These drawing aren't my best because I didn't want to spend my usual hours on one character when I had to draw 14.)

It probably doesn't make sense to most people, so I'll try to explain it. The goblins (the characters on the left side) are from Josh's comic, and the characters on the right are from our Dungeons and Dragons game- with two exceptions, they're dressed as the other person.

These are the resident idiots. Well, Igik is. Cyn is a cleric of the god of messages and mischief, so he'd be all over the chance to wear a costume and to make others look ridiculous, too. Bitey is Igik's pet badger and Fox is Cyneric's pet ... er.. fox. Cyneric's my character, so it was fun to draw him. :)

And here are Blarf and Ayman. Both love fire (the grease he's talking about is his spell which the group usually uses to set things on fire).

Gork and Linora, the two with awesome hats. Linora's a pirate (I think) and Gork's... well, Gork. XD

The Shaman and Caleb, the crazies. Caleb is our ballistic gnome (didn't think gnomes could fall from the sky, huh?)

I unlocked the top secret goblin! Turk isn't in the comic (yet), but he's in our goblin game. Both of these poor characters are dressed like Heathen D. Pistolwhip, Kobold Sales Professional.

According to Josh, these two know each other, unlike the rest of the characters. Sir Willem is wearing goblin ears and Dwight's got a ... kobold? hat. I can't remember what I meant for that to be. XD And that's supposed to be some sort of gryphon thing on Sir Willem's shirt. It ended up looking more like a chicken. XD

And here we have the bossy leaders of the two groups, neither of which wanted to wear a costume. Boss in a wig sure is awesome, though! ;)

So yeah, that's my comic. Like I said, it probably doesn't make a lot of sense, but I hope my D&D group at least likes it.


Mountainside Crochet said...

Cute comic strip!

Mountainside Crochet

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