Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Presents and pirateness

Sort of good news- I went to the doctor yesterday (not my usual doctor, though, since she's not in this week and I couldn't wait another week) and he prescribed me muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory pills for my back. He thinks I may have herniated a disc, but that the pills should work for the short term. Hey, as long as they can keep me pain-free until I'm able to get insurance next year, that's fine by me. I'll get xrays or whatnot once I've got insurance. So hopefully this'll take care of the pain so I'm able to finish presents and live as normally as possible for someone going through paxil withdrawal. *crosses fingers*

I did finish another present yesterday, though. :)

This is a small pillow I made for my parents for Christmas- they're really obsessed with their bichon puppy, so I hope they like it! Josh charted out the design of the dog, then I cross stitched it onto a square I had crocheted. To make it a pillow, I sewed the crocheted square to a square of matching purple fabric and stuffed it. (It's hard to see in this picture, but there's brown around the black eyes.)

So here's the present list so far:
-Crochet something for my sister- done!
-Crochet present for Mommom M- done!
-Crochet present for Josh's parents (I also might give them some ornaments I'm almost done making)
-Another crocheted thing (sort of like the previous two) for Mommom and Poppop
-Extra present(s?) for Care (she's in the D&D group, but she gets extra since she's my best friend) - am working on
-Cross stitch/crochet a present for my parents- done!
-Make something for Josh
-Something for all five people in my D&D group

I think I'm on track to finish on time, so I may make extra presents if I have time when I'm done these. Hopefully my back will agree with that plan!

And here's something I randomly made for myself last week:

I've been trying to figure out what I can do with my hair now that it's short, and after looking around on the internet I realized that I could make something that fits my pirate obsession. I raided my stash of fake coins and shell, glass, wood, and plastic beads and this is what I came up with. :)

This'll also match my green renfaire costume (as well as the 90% of my wardrobe that is green- what can I say, I love green!). Now I want to make one to match my red pirate costume.

Heh, my pirate obsession is funny considering how obsessed I am with honor, dignity, and truth (and all those other Heraldic traits). I know pirates were blood-thirsty insane thieves, but I think the appeal they've always had for me is that they were free. There is no way I would have been content with a normal life back then (you know, marrying someone twice my age for monetary gain, having a child every year until it finally killed me, not being allowed to have a single thought in my head, that kind of thing). Even if my life would have been shorter and would have ended with being caught and killed, it would have at least been a life worth living. So yes, I would have cross dressed and ran away to become a pirate, and enjoyed looting and killing (okay, probably not enjoying the killing part) those who would have wanted me in a cage.

I guess this is also why I have no desire to wear a normal renfaire-ish costume- you'll never catch me as a lady or wench! I'm only ever a pirate, a sorceress, or a fae/elf/hobbit; even when pretending, I don't want to be "normal". ;)

Now I think I'm going to take a nap; the muscle relaxer really knocked me out.

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