Monday, November 17, 2008

Start of the holiday madness

Ugh, I'm already stressed out about the holidays. I'm making almost all the gifts I'm giving this year because I don't have any extra money to buy them. Fortunately I have tons of art supplies, but I'm just not sure if I'm going to be able to get everything done in time. It doesn't help that my back starts hurting after a few hours of crafting. :( I'm going to have to start spacing out my work time better (that and cross my fingers that I sell something [yeah, right. I think I've had five sales this year] so I have some extra cash to buy things with).

I guess I should keep a list of what I'm making; maybe it'll give me inspiration and not make me feel overwhelmed if I see things getting checked off. I won't go into detail, though, in case anyone on the list sees it. I'm listing them in the order I need to finish them in (like I won't see the D&D group until after Christmas, and Josh will understand if I'm behind).
-Crochet something for my sister- done!
-Crochet present for Mommom M- started!
-Crochet present for Josh's parents (I also might give them some ornaments I'm almost done making)
-Another crocheted thing (sort of like the previous two) for Mommom and Poppop
-Extra present(s?) for Care (she's in the D&D group, but she gets extra since she's my best friend)
-Cross stitch/crochet a present for my parents (will take the longest, but I'm planning on buying them one thing, too, so if it doesn't get done in time, they'll have something on Christmas)
-Make something for Josh (I have an idea if I can get it done in time)
-Something for all five people in my D&D group

Unfortunately, most of what I have planned is crochet, and I'm already feeling burned out from it. Crochet things take a good deal of time to make (I'm on my second day of working on a stuffed snowman for my Mommom) but it's what I'm best at and what pretty much everyone would like and think is cute. My family doesn't wear jewelry and neither of my grandparents really decorate for Christmas (and have no trees), so I can't make them ornaments.

But yeah, I think this list does help to sort out ideas and things in my brain. :)

I don't think my sister reads my blog, so I think I'm safe posting about the crocheted thing I made her (I'm also buying her something, so she's the second of two bought gifts this year). I made her this Snowgirl:

She's really into hot pink (moreso than most sane 21 year olds ;) ) and I made it her hair and eye colors, so I figure she'll think this doll is cute. :) (The pattern is from

I also started listing the snowflake ornaments I made last year for a craft show, but didn't sell and never had a chance to list in my shop:

I think I may go back and add some extra arms to a few of the flakes (I have five or so of these made) because I'm not sure how much I like them with just the four arms. That didn't bother me last year (I've given these as gifts before) but for some reason now I think it looks like it needs more.

So that's what's going on now. Expect another update in a day or two with pictures of the ornaments and the snowman I'm almost done making and will have done by then. :)


Knitted Gems said...

The pink snowgirl is SO cute!

Merily said...

Thanks! I hope my sister likes her. :)

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