Sunday, December 07, 2008

An owl and a belt

Finally, some art I've been working on that I can post about! ;)

This owl is for one of my friends who wanted a Hedwig-type owl:

(The pattern came from BellaMcBride on Etsy.) I think Hedwig has spots, but I wanted to check with my friend before I painted them on, in case she doesn't have spots. Heh. My Harry Potter knowledge is rather lacking lately.

And I finished this belt last week, but forgot to post about it until talk on the Valdemar group on Ravelry reminded me.

Yeah, it looks goofy on top of a tshirt, but I didn't feel like putting my Herald costume on. Next time I wear it, I'm going to shift it to the other side because the circle thing looks strange in the center.

But yeah, one of my friends started that belt for me last year but I never got around to finishing it because I couldn't think of a way to close it. Then I was looking through my stash of random art supplies and found these white plastic circle things that I had gotten from my grandmother (I still have no idea what they're for) and realized it would be the perfect size for the buckle part. I painted it a matching blue and added a layer of varnish, then attached it to the belt. And tada! I love when random ideas work. :)

This morning I also had an idea for hair things to make for my Herald costume (basing them off the Tayledras and pirate ones I've made before), so I'll work on that after Christmas. I have no idea why I woke up thinking of costumes, but who knows what goes on in my head at night.

And now I'm going to go work on Christmas presents and put up the decorations with Josh in a bit. :)


Knitted Gems said...

LOVE the belt. LOVE it. It looks like it took forever to make though.

Merily said...

Thanks! :D Yeah, it did take a pretty long time to make, but fortunately it's an easy chainmaille weave. I think the main problem was that I didn't know how to clasp it, so I didn't have the motivation to finish it.

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