Sunday, January 11, 2009

And another Pratchgan update

I'd feel all good about myself for finishing this square early (it's the January one, and I usually finish them near the end of the month), but the only reason it's finished is because I worked on it the same time as the December square and that one was painfully late. ;)

Here's my square for Mort:

It's the Sto Helit coat of arms- crossed scythes over an hourglass (I was going to have Josh design the outline of a shield around it, but it wouldn't have fit very well). I know the coat of arms is supposed to be black on black, but that would be boring to make and hard to see when finished, so instead I went with a gothy colored background (it's darker than it looks- the flash made everything super bright) and the regular colors of an hourglass and scythes.

I may sew skull beads on this (and the future Death books), but I'm probably going to wait until I'm done the last one for that. Like always, my awesome fiancé charted out the design (he looked off the coat of arms in the Discworld Companion), and I cross stitched it onto a crocheted square.

I'm thinking about having Josh chart out the design larger, then making a tapestry of it to hang on my wall. Susan is my Discworld counterpart (and favorite costume to wear) so I figure I probably need one. ;) ...Ooo! That also gives me the idea to have him chart out the Valdemar crest so I can make that into one, too. I just have to figure out if my afghan hook is large enough- I may need to get one slightly longer for this to work.

And I just realized that I've been forgetting to tag my Pratchgan entries with my "books" tag. Whoops? I'll have to edit them later.

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