Monday, January 26, 2009

At last, an art update!

I've been feeling icky so I haven't been able to do much work on the four plushies I started weeks ago. Fortunately, I managed to get one done, though! This is my "Dungeons and Dragons" character, Cyneric:

This is pretty much how I imagine him- blue eyes, long black hair, dark red robe, and pouches for his spell components. His skin would actually be a bit darker than this, but I didn't have yarn in the right color. The hood took some work to make large enough to fit all of his hair, but I had to include it because when he travels he wears the hood to keep all of that hair out of the way.

He's holding his quarterstaff (that's a silver winged fox on the end) that I sculpted out of polymer clay, and the shield with his holy symbol straps around his arm (that's polymer clay that I painted a winged fox on in acrylics). I haven't sewn the staff on yet because I'm not sure if I want it attached or not- I may still make Cyneric some armor, and for that I'd need to keep the robe removable and the staff unattached.

Here's a closeup of the shield:

It was really hard to paint that shield- it's only about 1 1/2" across and I don't have any really small paintbrushes, so I'm glad it turned out as well as it did. :)

I'm still working on Cyn's henchman; I need Josh's help to sculpt the armor for that one. I've also got two other plushies in the works that I'd like to finish this week.

And since I've been on a D&D kick, I restarted a blog for Cyneric (I had one years ago that I never used, so I deleted it to make this one). I just like the cute little winged fox icon I made for it, lol.

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