Tuesday, January 20, 2009

D&D rambling and plushies

I haven't really been working on much (still taking a break from making things for my shop), so in that spare time I've been reading. The next post I make will be a sort of review of the first ten books I read this year; I think for every ten books I read, I'll post about them for the "52 books" challenge.

Fortunately, I do have something art-related to post about. :) Most of my "Dungeons and Dragons" group was finally able to get together again (it's really hard to coordinate schedules during the holidays!) and I was able to give all but one of them their presents. I don't think the last person has a link to my blog, so I'm probably safe in posting it before I see her.

So without further ado, here are the characters:

The blond (Linora) you've already met, but this is the rest of the group (well, minus my character(s) and NPCs. I still need to make my cleric and his henchman, and I'm going to make one that Josh [he's the dungeon master] plays). So, basically, these are all the PCs but my own.

Here are some closeup pictures:

These are Ayman and Caleb; Ayman is a human wizard holding a quarterstaff and Caleb is a gnome fighter holding an axe.

And these are Ghost and Dallas; Ghost is an elven ranger with a flaming sword and Dallas is a gnome thief with a dagger (or at least I think those are the classes of those two characters. They're both annoyingly secretive- the characters I mean, not the players).

They're all crocheted with felt accessories (such as belts and pouches), Ghost has painted "studs" on her armor, Caleb's armor is actual chainmaille (it pays to know how to weave chainmaille, I guess!), and their weapons are polymer clay (sculpted by my fiancé, since he knows more about weapons than I do).

And speaking of D&D, I made a little linking banner to the group's blog and stuck it in the sidebar of my blog. The D&D blog is probably extremely boring for people not in the group (and probably boring for people who are, lol. I've found that Cyneric loves to write, so I guess he's the unofficial scribe of the group now. Appropriate for a Messenger priest, I suppose!), but I figure it's worth linking to anyway.

And can I say that it's a lot easier to get into his character in words rather than actions? I have a heck of a time playing a character with high wisdom (I tend to be forgetful and say dumb things without thinking- I would have a low wisdom), so it's hard to keep him in character during the game. When writing, though, I have time to give his actions thought and can better keep track of what is going on in his head. After geez, four years of playing him, you'd think I'd be able to play him, but it's still something I'm going to have to work at. Maybe I should go over all my notes before each game- then all the info in Cyn's head will be in my head, and I won't make him look like an idiot.

It makes me miss the young elven bard who was my previous character; he was easy to get into the head of because he was a lot like me- high intelligence, very low wisdom. He had my trait of speaking before thinking... heck, doing anything before thinking (I remember him reaching into the mouth of a monster statue to grab a jewel and the mouth clamping down on his hand. We both knew it looked suspicious, but shiny thing!) He was young, impulsive, and got by on charisma and impractical knowledge. My current priest, on the other hand, is older, more competent, and actually thinks before doing things. At least, he's supposed to; remembering to make him do so is the hard part. To make things more complicated, he's a priest of a mischief god, so I have to find a balance between thoughtful and competent, and being a practical joker.

But I'm completely rambling and I'm sure no one who reads this has any idea of what I'm talking about. (I'm good at inspiring confusion- heck, I'm perplexity personified.) ;)

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ellyodd said...

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