Monday, January 05, 2009

Now for some more Christmas presents

After taking some time off from making things (I was arted out by the end of December after two months of working my hands off to make Christmas presents) I finally started on some things I want to make for myself. Right now I'm almost done crocheting the background square for "Equal Rites" (for my Pratchgan), then I'm going to jump right into crocheting the January square ("Mort") while I wait for Josh to chart me out the designs for said squares. I hate that I fell behind because the afghan stitch bores the heck out of me and now I have to do two in one month to catch up.

Ah well, at least the cross stitching part isn't so bad, and I recently started listening to audio books which definitely helps with the boredom! (Right now I'm listening to "Treasure Island"- man, it's been something like 15 years since I read this last!) Audio books rock because they count towards my 52 books list, but I can make things at the same time. :D

Anyway, after I'm done these squares, I'm going to start working on plushies. I was tempted to make large ones, but I think for now I'm just going to make small ones for myself (I need some instant gratification here, lol). I'm going to start with Sheik from the Smash Bros and Zelda games and my Dungeons and Dragons cleric (I may make one of my no longer played but still much loved grey elf bard, as well) because Cyneric and Aldalion were jealous when I made plushies of the other characters, but not them. The good thing is with smaller plushies, it'll only take me a few days to finish them, whereas with the larger ones, it would take weeks.

And speaking of D&D plushies, I can post the first one I made since that friend has gotten hers. This is Linora, played by my best friend Care:

As you can probably tell, she's a pirate/fighter type. Her body, hat, and coat are crocheted, she's got a tiny feather in her hat, felt embellishments and accessories, and the gold bits are painted on. Her sword is polymer clay (my fiancé made that). Of all the D&D plushies I made, she's my favorite. :D

As soon as I see the rest of my D&D group and can give them their presents, I'll post pictures of those.

The other thing I made for Care is this chainmaille pouch:

It's a four-in-one weave using black, green, and bright aluminum rings, and it cinches together with a suede cord.

Care's recruited me to make her some chainmaille armor once we start making costumes for the LARP group she's trying to start. Of course I said yes (I mean, chainmaille for my best friend? How could I say no!) but that will take a long time to make. Heck, it took me over a week just to make that pouch. Hunching over the table with pliers is not a position my back will agree with, but since the costume-making won't start until probably Spring anyway, I'm hoping by then my back will stop hurting with the warmer weather.

But now I'm rambling. Sorry about that! Back to the art I go!

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