Saturday, January 31, 2009

Yay for D&D plushies!

I finally figured out why I'm on a plushie-making kick recently. Well, partly because I get to make D&D characters, but mostly because crocheting is the only art I can do while reclining in bed or sitting in the hard backed living room chair, which are the only places I can sit comfortably with this stupid herniated disc. I really miss making jewelry and chainmaille, but I'm not about to make it hurt worse by bending over the table. Hopefully I'll be able to get back to that soon, though. Spring has to arrive some time, right?

Anyway, here are the two plushies I made recently that I want to share. First, this is Fox, Cyneric's animal companion/familiar.

I found the pattern on Ravelry and crocheted it in dark red yarn (and white yarn for the tip of the tail). Then I painted black on the ears, nose, and legs and white on the ears and chest to give it the colorings of a fox. Pay no attention to the leg sticking out funny in the one picture; it's on straight, it just bent out when I sat it down and I didn't notice until after I took the picture.

He turned out really fat, though, so apparently Cyn has been sneaking his fox table scraps. ;)

And here's my latest plushie; this one is Aldalion Kalmîr, my flamboyant, level 6, teenaged grey elf bard. I played him in the previous campaign (this was a few years ago), but he's tied with Cyn as my favorite D&D character ever (and believe me, I've played a lot of different characters), so I wanted to give him love, too.

"Traveling bard" look:

"Battle ready" look:

Better view of his accessories:

He's got purple eyes, silver hair (unfortunately, I had to use grey yarn because I didn't have silver), a purple cloak, vest, and pouch, brown belt, gold and silver necklace, felt bracers, and a polymer clay lute and longbow. If Cyneric's color is red, Aldal's is definitely purple, lol.

And I just had to snap this picture:

For once, there's a reason I took a picture of my cat (I mean, other than the fact that she's cute, lol). Aldalion has a black cat familiar named Dúannan, so he wanted his picture taken with my black cat. Eventually I'll crochet or sculpt him his own black cat, but until then he can borrow mine. ;)

I'm still working on three more plushies, but they're all past the "crochet" stage and into the "have to sculpt/glue/paint/sew" stage, so I've been putting off finishing them- like I said, sitting at the table hurts my back. As soon as one gets armor, another gets a toga and sandals, or a third gets a tabard and wraps, I'll post those. :)


Hippie Dippy Designs said...

Sorry to hear about your herniated disc = ( Those plushies rock!!! I used to play D and D years ago. Oh and your black cat is so gorgeous! We have three black cats ourselves. = )

Beadwright said...

I love these little people. I hope you love this. Go to my blog to pick up an award I have for you.

Merily said...

Thanks! Yeah, hopefully my herniated disc will feel better once the weather warms up. D&D is so much fun- we play it almost every weekend. :) And black cats are the prettiest (granted, I'm biased, lol).

And thanks, Nicole! :D

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