Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy (belated) Valentine's Day!

I'm still waiting on my flowers and candy- Josh was going to go out yesterday to get them, but I was feeling really crappy and didn't want him to leave, so he's going to get me discounted ones today, lol.

I didn't have the money to buy him anything and I haven't felt up to making the D&D plushie that I've been meaning to give him (I'll work on that this week), so I drew him a picture. I felt like a little kid giving a drawing as a gift, but I worked hard on this and he seemed to like it. :) I still want to get a frame for it so he can hang it in his room.

The dragon on the left is supposed to be Josh (it's in his color of choice of teal), the dragon in the middle is our cat, and the one on the right is me (notice all the ear piercings, lol). At the bottom I wrote lines from my favorite of Shakespeare's sonnets (#29)- it's also the one that best fit a picture of dragons.

I spent two days on this- first I had to sketch out the dragons (that took me a very long time), then I traced that onto the paper, inked it, colored it, then glued some glitter so that the "gold" shone.

And since I'm still on a WTJ kick, here's the latest page I did:

Yeah, I carry a lot of stuff around- and this isn't even including the yarn, crochet hooks, roving, and spindle I usually carry, too.

Here's a picture of what everything in my purse looks like (minus the cell phone. By that point it was back in my pocket).

The black thing in the back is my cat's butt. It's not something that goes in the bag, but it's something that's always in the way when I try to take pictures, lol.

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