Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This journal is so much fun!

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I've still been feeling icky, and the weather keeps changing from cold to warm, so now my back is hurting badly again. Hopefully once spring gets here for real, it'll settle down and I can get back to working on art and my shop. :) So anyway, I've just been slowly working on my Prachgan square for Sourcery (I'll post that tomorrow) and reading a whole bunch.

But I'm all sorts of happy because my copy of Wreck This Journal finally showed up! I was a bit overwhelmed at first by the vast amount of blank pages, but after numbering the pages, sticking in some fruit stickers and gluing in a plastic skeleton (for the "stick white things here" page) to get me started, I finally got up the courage to make a mess. This book is so much fun!

Here's what the book looked like fresh:

It didn't stay that nice for long; the pages are already messed up and the cover won't stay shut- I have to tie it closed with yarn.

Here's the "number the pages" page in all its colorful glory:

My only annoyance is that the paper is too thin; my markers keep bleeding through the pages. :( And I already screwed up the "leave this page intentionally blank" page by putting a number on it, lol.

And here's the start of my mess- the "spill coffee" page:

It's actually a "spill tea" page because I don't drink coffee. Unfortunately, it doesn't look this cool now. The left page is the back of the "burn this" page, so it's partly missing, and the right page has soot and some smeared marker on it (from said fire disaster), and the tea dried lighter in color. I'm going to freshen it up with more tea (and Josh's coffee) later. I also crossed out "coffee" and wrote in "tea".

And the last page I've done so far is the aforementioned fire one. This is what it looked like before I burned it:

And this is after the fire and after being squirted with water to keep the flames from spreading:

The burned part keeps crumbling apart, so the hole is going to get bigger (you can already see the "spill tea" page and its arrow behind it). On the right page all the markers ran when the page got wet. I guess it looks pretty cool, though. :)

The left page is a quick drawing of a dragon blowing flame onto the next page. It's not that great of a drawing (the original that I based it on came out nicer. I just didn't want to spend a lot of time drawing something that's probably going to end up destroyed by more dunks in water), but hey, now my book has the first of probably many dragons. ;)

This is what my original drawing of the dragon looks like:

This one is safely in my sketchbook, away from water and fire. ;) This is a photo rather than a scan so the shading isn't as obvious here, but I like how it turned out, even if the fire does look like confetti (thanks for pointing that out, Josh, lol). I just finished reading one of the "Dragon Jousters" books by Mercedes Lackey and the current D&D storyline involves lots of wyverns and dragons, so I'm on a dragon kick again. I'm predicting lots of dragons in my sketchbook and Wreck This Journal.


Silkfair said...

Just love it!

Can't wait to see more dragons.

Oh what fun journaling can be.

Merily said...

Thanks! :D Yeah, I'm having a blast with this!

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