Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yay for my family, good weather, crochet, and a few bucks!

Well, I had some luck at the yard sale; I made $14. Since that's $14 more than I had, that works for me, lol. I had the price of my things marked down a bit since it was a yard sale and I was okay with selling my less labor intensive stuff for pretty cheap. I sold one of the first bracelets I ever made for $4 (it hasn't been in my Etsy shop for a while since I was self-conscious about it not being as good as the rest of my jewelry. It wasn't bad, just not up to par with my current bracelets)... I think I have a picture saved in my website folder... *checks* Yup, it's this one:

And I sold two of my hemp necklaces:

I also sold my pink dreamcatcher to my sister, but I didn't actually get money for that since I owed my sister the same amount. Bartering, I guess!

So all in all, not too bad for a yard sale where we didn't get that many people (not as many people as in previous years, even though it was a community yard sale). And the weather was amazing today- almost 80 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. I got to spend the day with my family (Josh and my grandmother came to help, too) while sitting under a beach umbrella and crocheting. That's the life! I decided that when the weather is nice like this, I'll sit under the umbrella and work on art- that way I get to enjoy the nice weather without getting sunburned. :D Unfortuantely, my back is hurting again, so I know that means that it's either going to get cold or rainy (or both) sometime in the next few hours. I make a great barometer, lol.

And today I managed to finish the blanket I've been working on for my mom:

This is probably the most boring thing I've ever crocheted, lol. My mom wanted a small blanket to put on the driver's seat of her car, and she needed it crocheted in a pretty tight stitch (her jeans were getting blue on the seat of the car), and this was the color yarn she handed me to do it with- a beige (almost the color of the carpet in the house, as I see now) that matches the interior of said car. So I ended up doing a half-double stitch so it would take less time than a single crochet and so it would look slightly more interesting than the single, yet still be a closed stitch. It's 24" x 24".

This took me a few days of working on to finish, but I didn't spend those days working *too* long with it, or it would have taken a little less time. But yay, a finished project, finally!

And my grandmother and sister both want me to crochet them beaded summer anklets (like those necklaces I just posted), and I'm going to make small beads out of polymer clay for them, since I don't have a lot of beads with holes large enough for the yarn. So that'll be fun! :D


Deronda designs... said...

Oooh, I am jealous. I am so waiting for weather that is nice enough to sit outside. And I am a firm believer that sunshine and fresh air are healing...

Merily said...

I just wish the weather had stayed nice! It's cold and rainy and icky today. :( I think it's rained almost every day so far this month, and it's been way too chilly for my liking. I think it's supposed to be nice again this weekend, though- high 70's or low 80's and sunny. :D

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