Sunday, May 03, 2009

Dragons apparently live in vending machines

Okay, here's a definite plus side to living with my parents- game night. I just played Scattergories with my mom, my sister, and her boyfriend and had a blast with all the silly answers. My favorites were mom putting down "dragons" for "things in a vending machine" (methinks I'm rubbing off on her, although not in a successful way, lol!) and "giraffes" for "things you give as gifts", and when I put down "frankenberry" for "fruits" but didn't think to put Frankenstein's monster for "monsters" on the same sheet. LOL! However, I did get to use "Enter the Haggis" (one of my favorite bands) and "Inkyrius" (my favorite minor Order of the Stick character), so it evened out. ;) So yeah, it was nice to get a good laugh tonight after a rather crappy week.

And hey, I get to share more art! I listed a pair of crocheted elf/fairy ears today- I based the design off this hat with ears that I had sold earlier this year, but I decided to use a headband/scarf rather than a hat so it's cooler for the summer.

The ears and headband are acrylic yarns, and there are pipecleaners crocheted around the ears to make them stand up and so they can be adjusted some in shape. There's also a green jump ring as an earring in the one ear. :)

They're listed here in my Artfire shop, although later this week I'm going to also list them on Etsy (and list the circlet from my last post on Artfire). I don't want to list them on both at the same time in case they sell double (haha, very unlikely). I'm itching to make another pair, though- it was fun and pretty easy to do. Maybe I'll put them on a purple headband next?

I've still got some earrings to list/post about later (seriously, I found two pairs in my finished bin that hadn't been listed and I had completely forgotten about. There must be a door to Narnia in there or something), I'm still working on another fairy plushie, and if the sun would ever come out I could get a picture of the sleeves I made for the EtsyFAST March challenge (yeah, I'm a bit behind).

Also, I felt like an idiot today- I had no idea you could put some items on Artfire at the top as featured things. It was a very facepalm moment then. ;)


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