Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Isn't my mannequin pretty?

The weather is really nice today (not a cloud in the sky! Although it is a bit chilly), so I'm going to go outside and read and work on a crossword in a minute, so I'm going to make this post pretty short.

First, a chain earring that I listed yesterday:

It's here in my Etsy shop and here on Artfire. This one has a pierced post on both ends (rather than a cuff on top) and is pretty black and purple. I'm not sure why the bead looks such a different color in these photos- in actuality, it's almost the same purple as the chain.

And I also want to share the prettiness that is my mannequin. :D I decided recently that I needed to make her look more unique because while she's pretty, didn't really match the fantasy things I make and have her wear. So this is what my sister and I came up with:

(If you're curious, this is what she looked like before.) My sister glued on the black and purple eyelashes I had ordered (and which she had picked out- my sister has great taste!), then glued pink and blue hair extensions into the mannequins hair; my sister went to beauty school, so she knows how to do all kinds of neat stuff like that! And since those are actual hair extensions glued in with actual glue made for them, if I want to change up that part of the mannequins hair, I'd just have to wash the glue out.

My sister even gave me an old turtleneck that she doesn't wear so I could cut it up and use it to hide the name on the mannquin's neck (when said sister was in beauty school she had to write her name on it in large letters so it wouldn't get stolen). I'd like to paint some swirls on it, though, so it's not such a plain brown.

I also need to finish the polymer clay ears I made for the mannequin- I still have to epoxy those onto two barrettes. I made those so she can look like a fairy even when she's not modeling the crocheted ears I sell (which are actually a sneak peak at a new pair in that picture, that I'll post about tonight or tomorrow).

And hey, yesterday I sold an anklet to my grandmother, and made $15! Of course, that money is going straight into what I'm making for my fiancé for his birthday, but at least I got a few bucks. :D I didn't photograph it, though, because it looks exactly like the one I made for my mom for Mother's Day, only with a different clasp.

So yeah, that's all I have to blog about right now, but I'll share more art in the next update, as well as probably some ramblings about a costume I want to design. :)


Deronda designs... said...

She's fabulous. It's amazing how the eyelashes and extensions change her whole look.

Thinking you could make some neckwarmers thingys in different colors/textures for different looks.

mermaiden said...

love her, Meri! I was thinking the exact same thing as Deronda- you are the crochet princess, so make her a high-necked steamy collar :}

Merily said...

Thanks! My sister did such a great job on her! :D

Yeah, I was thinking of crocheting her a collar thing, so I'll have to work on that. I'm thinking I might make her a few different color ones, and embellish each one in a different way. :)

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