Thursday, May 28, 2009

Methinks I have techno-imps living in my computer

Ugh, I think I'm having issues with my mouse- or maybe Firefox? For some reason when I try to type off and on for the past day or so, it'll put the curser on the wrong side and make me type backwards. I thought it was the clicker on my mouse sticking, but I seem to be able to use Opera okay. WTF? I guess I'll have my computer-savvy fiancé look at it tomorrow. I just hate that it's making me feel like I'm a techno-idiot (like I'm pushing the wrong key or something) when I'm not. Arg. I bet there are imps living in my computer, moving my mouse around.

Anyway, I wanted to share two new necklaces that I finished and listed. Both of these can also be worn as an anklet. :)

This one is my "Summer Sun" necklace- it's crocheted from hemp/wool yarn and has red and yellow wood, plastic, and glass beads. It's here in my Etsy shop and here in my Artfire shop.

This is the other necklace I listed today:

This one is "Take a Chance"- named by viridianmuse on Plurk (she also came up with another name that I'm going to use on a different necklace). I'm just so horrible at coming up with creative names! This necklace/anklet is crocheted from tan hemp cord and has green, blue, and purple glass dice beads. It's here in my Etsy shop and here in my Artfire shop.

Also, I wanted to share in my blog that I was doing the happy dance today! I sold my first thing on Artfire this morning; it was double special because it was also my first sold plushie/doll. :D The girl who bought the fairy doll sounds nice, so I'm sure she's going to a great home!

And hey, speaking of Artfire, is anyone planning on signing up to sell there? (I'd totally recommend it- the site is so nice and easy to use and the admin seem so competent and informative.) Anyway, what I'm getting at is that if 12 people sign up for the $12 a month paid account and use me as their referring member, I'd get my account free for life. How cool is that? I really could use that considering how scarce money is (since I can't work, so have no income and lots of student loans), but I'm not sure if I can find that many people who want to sign up for a paid account and haven't already. :( But hey, if you do, use this link to sign up. I also have a link over on the side of my blog. :)

Oops, and I also forgot to blog about the Fairy Cat I made for the Etsyhookers challenge. I'll do that tomorrow. :) Speaking of cats, mine's not feeling so well today; she keeps running away from me and hiding under the bed, neither of which are things she does normally. I hope she feels better tomorrow- I miss having my fuzzbutt purring and rubbing against my leg.


Estelendur said...

There is a key press combination that will put your cursor all wacky. I don't remember what it is, though.

Merily said...

Wouldn't that make it happen all the time, though, and in all the browsers? My keyboard is pretty old, though (I got it with my original computer, if that says anything, lol), so maybe a key is sticking somewhere.

computerrepair said...

beautiful necklace in your beautiful neck.
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Merily said...

Aww, thanks! It's my sister's neck, though- I gave up trying to take pictures of my own neck, lol!

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