Friday, May 22, 2009

A necklace, crocheted kitty, and costume ramblings

I listed yet another beaded hemp necklace tonight- and this one isn't even one of the dozen I made yesterday, lol! These are just so much fun to make! :D It's here on Etsy and here on Artfire.

The only problem with these necklaces is that I'm running out of names for them! There's only so many ways I can use "beach", "sand", "ocean", "summer", and "vacation" creatively without repeating myself. Maybe I should poll my family to see what I should name the next batch of them, although I doubt it would be much help since I got most of the creative and verbose genes alloted for my family. ;)

And hey, another sneak peak! This is the cat I've been working on for the EtsyHookers "A Walk on the Wild Side" animals challenge.

This is going to be a faerie-cat, but I took this picture before I added wings. I still have to add a collar with a bell and some whiskers (I'm still planning how those will work- thin wire, I think). This is the first ever animal I designed, so it's a bit wonky; the next one I make the front legs will be shorter and the back end will be wider. Still, I think she's cute for my first attempt at writing an animal pattern! :)

And now for costume rambling:
I've also been thinking a lot about costumes lately, yet again. Nevermind that I have two or three costumes I really want to make (a Smash Bros one and two Order of the Stick ones), and a few others on the very back burner (another Smash bros, a second Herald costume, and another Discworld). Now I'm really itching for an elfling/elbit costume. It's weird- that's the creature/persona/character I've related to for so long (about eight years, I think), but I never actually made a costume for it. On the plus side (I guess it's a plus) I can't afford to make it right now, so I have plenty of time to sketch and design it!

I kind of want it to look like this drawing I did way back around 2002 of that persona:

You know, based off a kinda woodland/Mirkwood ensemble (my character is a halfbreed daughter of Thranduil- yeah yeah, not a fangirl, just always loved Mirkwood ever since I had The Hobbit read to me when I was six) in lots of shades of green and brown, but I want it to be slightly more... well, detailed and embellished than just a regular traveling outfit, but I also don't want skirts or anything feminine (I have way too many feminine costumes with long skirts and bodices- I'd like pants and a tunic for a change!). I'd love to incorporate leaves into it somehow, too, and maybe a plain circlet with a leaf design. The bow is obviously not necessary (it's going to be costly enough to get one for my Smash Bros cosplay), although I would love matching bracers. The halfling side of this persona rarely comes into play (she was raised by elves, and as such dresses like one), so other than the curly hair (which I have, lol), I'm not going to include anything for that.

And geez, this probably makes me sound like a dork, and just utterly strange because I don't roleplay this character anymore, but this elfling has been kinda like a parallel version of me for a long time and I'd love to finally be able to dress as her. I swear, I'm not delusional or crazy or something. Much, anyway- just the usual amount of crazy needed for a fantasy artist. ;)

And I bet this is just utterly confusing, especially since I have a feeling most people think the red haired faerie with wings that I use almost everywhere is the "elfling" or "elbit" in my shop names. Nope, she's just my muse, so she's taken over everything artistic where I need some sort of avatar. What it's actually referring to is this fantasy version of myself.


Web said...
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angelthecat said...

That might just be the cutest knitted cat I've ever seen!

Merily said...

Aww, thanks! :D

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