Sunday, June 14, 2009

An adventure for my cat

Well, if "adventure" means "grass sort of freaks her out and what's with all these weird noises?". As you can probably guess, we took her outside today. Dad had bought a harness for the puppy, and since she's about the same size as Clarabell (the cat's a bit fatter), we put it on the cat. She didn't like that harness one bit, but she got used it somewhat. We tied her to a steak outside and she slowly wandered around and sniffed the grass (and got tangled in not one but two lawnchairs- she didn't get the whole "tied up" thing). Mostly, though, she just lay there like a kitty loaf and looked around at all the noises.

I have no idea if this was a success or not, but hey, she's a pretty easy going cat- the most she did was meow and try to weasel out of my arms when we put the harness on her. We'll try again in a few days or something and see if she'll start getting used to sitting outside. She seems pretty good with it, though- at first she looked terrified, probably thinking that I was getting rid of her and she'd have to be a stray again (silly girl, she should know by now that I love her very much and would never ever part with her) but later just getting more annoyed that she had to be tethered and couldn't go sniff the grass five inches away.

But I did remember to take some pictures of my cutie:

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