Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The downside of making jewelry is you often want to keep it!

Woah, I've been all sorts of updating this blog recently! Two in one day sometimes, even. Now watch, I'll go a week without updating to make up for this, lol!

Anyway, I just wanted to share that I finished a cute pair of earrings for my mom tonight:

She told me she wanted a pair of pretty, not too long earrings, but since she's so picky about jewelry I had her pick out things from my stash. Of course she picked two of my few swarovski charms (that I had actually been kind of saving for myself). Gee, thanks, Mom. But hey, if she later decides she doesn't want them, they're my favorite color so I'll gladly take them off her hands. ;)

That picture is pretty dark; the beads are a bit lighter, and the seed beads are a sea green. But look! The loops are pretty darn even! I'm getting better! :D

And, randomly, today was a good day- I got to hang out with my best friend. Yay! We played the Lord of the Rings "The Third Age" game for hours- we really love that game, lol. Well, except when the stupid Uruk-hai wouldn't leave us alone at Helm's Deep. That was annoying! Oh, and when I had to spend an hour running around a rock in Rohan because it was the only place to trigger battles so we could level up. Turns out Orcs, Wargs, the occasional Uruk, and three random Wraiths hang out in that tiny patch of Rohan. I think we found the employee lounge, LOL!

But yeah, that game is surprisingly fun for all that you play characters who better belong in fanfiction- cheesy plots with made up characters. Seriously, my old Rohirrim roleplay character had a better backstory and more personality, and I didn't get paid to make him up. ;) And hey, I got to make fun of Legolas when he showed up in the game (I never miss an opportunity for that!). Good times, good times.

Edit the next day: LOL! I already created confusion with one of my friends who assumed that I didn't like Legolas from that comment of making fun of him. In actuality, I do; he's one of my favorite Lord of the Rings characters. I just roleplayed his little sister for a very long time (heck, that's even where my current Elfling persona comes from), so I get a good deal of kicks making fun of him. What can I say, there aren't a lot of interesting pastimes in Mirkwood; I've had to take what I can get. LOL!

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