Saturday, June 06, 2009

Friends who give inspiration and help are awesome!

And here's another update filled with random stuff! I'm good at those, huh? ;)

First, I listed another crocheted beaded hemp necklace/anklet in my two main shops:

A big thanks to Pocket Totes on Plurk for giving me the name "Tropical Caribbean". I don't know what I'd do without my Plurky friends coming up with awesome names! *hugs!* Anyway, this style is a bit different than my usual hemp jewelry; it started out as a mistake. I think the beads got stuck or something, so I said "screw it, I'll just crochet the outside and see what happens". And hey, it came out looking pretty good! I think I'm going to make more in this style. :) It's for sale here in my Etsy shop and here in my Artfire shop.

It's so funny- I thought that was the last necklace that I had to list, but nope, I have three or so more. I swear, these things are spawning! ;) I need to get all these up so I can work on more. :D

Next up are some things that I made for me, not for my shop. (Well, the yarn may be used for something I sell, but you know what I mean.) First up is yarn I started last year (Fall sometime, I think), and finally finished:

Sorry it's blurry- I used my hand me down busted camera, and it doesn't like taking closeups. The one on the left is from wool roving called "Early Drop" by beemiceelf on Etsy. It's really thin yarn (but two ply) and probably about 70 yards or so. I haven't really counted it yet. (Math and I don't get along, so I avoid it whenever possible.)

The one of the right is left over single plies that I had on my lazy kate for months and months that I spun together (hey, they matched and were almost the same length! yay!). This yarn is thicker, and I think it's wool and silk. This one is probably only a few yards; it's a tiny skein.

And now for other random art I made for myself, a bracelet:

Yes, yes, very blurry, I know. It's from the aforementioned busted camera, but you can sort of see what I did. I made this leaf bracelet out of materials from my best friend's stash. She's teaching me how to use thin wire and crimp beads to make jewelry. :) I have to be the only jewelry-maker who doesn't know how to do this, LOL! (I usually use thick wire or jump rings, or crocheted yarn/cord.)

I want to learn how to do this so I can make the Mithril my FAE friend Mermaiden gave me the inspiration for. If it works out, I'll have a whole new line of unique jewelry! :D

Let's see, what else... oh, I'm almost done another set of runestones. I LOVE the color on these (and ha, no green is involved! Well, except to mix in with blue in my paint, lol!) but I'm having issues with my varnish not covering them completely. I think the problem is the pigments that I mixed into the clay, but it may be that the varnish is turning. Which stinks because I still have most of the bottle left. :( I'll have to see how these come out, then maybe test some clay without anything mixed in and see what happens.

I'm also working on a bolero sweater for my sister's birthday, and tomorrow I'm hoping to start my fiancé's birthday presents. *crosses fingers that I'm feeling healthy and productive* I also still need to work on some chainmaille necklaces that I've been longing to do for a few weeks now (I'm going to make up a Technique Tuesday for the Artisan Beaders blog while doing this), and I had the idea the other day to draw and then paint some dragons (or something fantasy) to go on the bland purses I've had in my shop for two years (well, the one's expired, but the other one is in my Artfire shop). I'll have to get out my sketchbook and see what I can come up with. :) Then after all that I have to work on my best friend's presents for her birthday in August, her boyfriend wants me to crochet him a skull sweater, my mom wants me to teach her how to read crochet patterns and do the cool stitches I know, and I want to learn how to use a sewing machine (sewing things by hand is cool, but I could finish things a lot faster if I knew how). Boy, I've got a lot of projects lined up!


mermaiden said...

you are a very busy elfling! love the yarns- what an accomplishment :) so glad you're figuring out some new techniques, because i know you will find some time, somewhere, somehow- to make your mithril!

Merily said...

Yup, I think I've got way too many things planned, lol! Thanks! I'm just glad I finally got those yarns finished, so now I can work on the awesome roving my sister got me for my birthday. :D

Oh man, I better find time- I'm so itching to make that, but I need to get the supplies- my best friend said she'd pick me up the wire and crimps when she goes to the bead store next. :)

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