Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I seem to be obsessed with ocean-y things

Aha! I've figured out why my interview on handmadenews.org went missing; it turns out that I wasn't supposed to go up until later this month, so they took it down. I'm just relieved that it was a mistake, and not either (a) that they randomly hate me or (b) I'm just an idiot and lost the link. LOL! I just hope no one minds me posting the link again all over the place when it's back up. I hate feeling spammy, you know? So please forgive me when I post it later. *gives the cute puppy eyes*

But hey, I have those new runestones to share that I gave a peek to the other day. :) These are my "Under the Sea" runes:

It's a set of 24 runes, half in a water droplet shape, and half in a star shape, plus two blanks (one of each shape). They come with a handsewn matching pouch, too. They're here in my Etsy shop and here in my Artfire shop.

I had a heck of a time getting these colors to shop up right- the purple tint to parts of them just didn't want to come out right. They're just so pretty that the pictures won't do the colors justice! But then again, I'm partial to water- that's my element. That probably surprises people because of my obsession with green and forests, but Earth is my secondary element (granted a close secondary). I'm a Cancer, so I love all things water- oceans, lakes, streams, etc, and blues relax me and make me happy just as much as greens do. For me to feel the most comfortable, I think I'd need a house somewhere where the beach or a lake is around forests and trees; I long to one day have a house on the beach and a main house somewhere surrounded by lots of trees. :)

Anyway, I'm rambling. What I wanted to add was that I think I'll start making sets of runes in shapes and colors that represent the elements. I've been meaning to make more green leaves lately anyway, so I'll probably do something with those for Earth, and maybe some wispy blues and whites (and maybe yellow) for Air. I'm probably going to avoid Fire for as long as possible because I hate warm colors and I don't much like that element (I've actually always been kind of afraid of fire, which I guess fits in to my whole Water/Earth thing). So yeah, I have lots of runestones planned! :D

I'm still working on my fiancé's birthday presents- I hope I can get them done by Friday! I'm going to sew the plushie's hair on now, then do his clothes tomorrow. I can say this because this is the present he knows he's getting, but I don't want to post photos of it until he gets it, though.


mermaiden said...

love the runes- and i have to say the photo is awesome. very cool zoom, and seeing into the bag is great.

Merily said...

Thank you! I'm trying to get more artistic with photos and not just do them all plain against a white background. :)

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