Sunday, June 14, 2009

Look at the awesome present I got!

I got the most awesome "Pay it Forward" gift in the mail yesterday! I was lucky enough to snag something from my FAE friend (I love calling her that, lol) Julie of mermaidencreations on Etsy from her Halloween PIF blog post last month.

This is what I saw when I opened the envelope:

Ack, a spider! Hey, Julie, was that an intentional joke off of Mirkwood? Was it that or the black squirrel cauldron? ;)

Anyway, the best part was what I saw when I looked inside the cauldron:

A Wood Elf pendant- how cool is that! This is honestly the most perfect thing she could have made me! :D That Elf may be Legolas; Julie is the friend I was talking about in this post who was afraid I hated Legolas and thought she might have to make me something else. I'm really glad that I caught her before she went on vacation to reassure her that I do not, because I absolutely LOVE this pendant! Julie, you are awesome and amazingly psychic in knowing that I love Wood Elves, green, and silver (okay, maybe not psychic per se since my likes are fairly obvious, lol).

I'm going to do my part of this Halloween PIF and make a post where I'll make things for three people, but it has to wait for a bit longer because early summer means lots and lots of presents that I have to make (luckily my fiancé's are finished, but I still have to make stuff for my sister, a plushie for my best friend to give her nephew, and more presents for my best friend). I may, however, make the PIF post before that last batch since her birthday isn't until August.

I won't Tweet or Plurk or anything about it, though! If you want to jump in, you'll have to look for the info likely tacked onto the bottom of a random blog post (since if I make it its seperate blog post, it'll show up in my Twitter stream). This'll be sometime in the next few weeks, maybe sooner, maybe a tad bit later (with my health and these presents, who knows?). So keep an eye out! ;) And since I crosspost this blog in three places (blogger, livejournal, and myspace), those three have to really be on the ball since I'm only going to make three, not nine. (You're lucky, though, in that I don't know if anyone reads the myspace version.) Remember, though- this isn't a free gift with no strings involved; you, too, have to pay it forward to three people!

Oh, and last chance to vote for the EtsyHookers challenge! The voting ends tomorrow, so if you haven't picked a favorite yet, please do! Like I said before, you don't have to vote for Kitty Clara, but please vote for something. :)


mermaiden said...

Tee Hee! Just jumped on real quick during lunch, it's turning into a beach day after all. I'm so glad you like your Elven laddie, and appreciate the intention behind the cauldron! Did you like the glimpse of the Eye of Sauron on the back?

Merily said...

I'm jealous of your beach day! The sun's going in and out, but hopefully it'll stay out because I need to get some pictures. :)

Ohhh, I was wondering about that behind the pendant! That's really neat, in a creepy kind of way. ;)

aquariann said...

What a gorgeous pendant of elven hotness! Julie is so talented.

Merily said...

She totally is! :D

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