Monday, June 22, 2009

My drawing from The Hobbit

I'm about to go to bed, but I wanted to share the drawing I did for my dad for Father's Day. I had no idea what to get/make for him until my fiancé gave me the idea to draw him something from Lord of the Rings (or maybe Josh gave me the drawing idea and I jumped to LotR? I can't remember; I'm tired). My dad is a big LotR fan (he's the one who got me into it when I was six, if that says anything!), and he loves The Hobbit, so I drew him the scene where Bilbo is stealing the cup from Smaug.

This is what my original looks like:

(Click it to see it larger.)

And this is the version that I'm going to print out to give Dad (the original is in my sketchbook):

(Click to see it larger.)
I used paintshop to edit in the background of the cave; originally I was just going to put it in the background and leave the tan floor I colored, but it looked weird that way, so I made it look like this. :) I'm really proud of how well this drawing came out because drawing isn't the kind of art I'm particularly good at.

Josh only helped me a little bit- he helped me with Smaug's front arms when I thought they looked a bit wonky, and the angle of the spikes on the tail (and he drew that little bust on the right; that's an "Easter Egg", a little homage to a goblin in his webcomic), for instance, but the drawing itself is mine. :D

I'm not too happy with how Bilbo's face came out, though; my pen was too thick, so it smeared his features. Still, I'm really proud of this drawing! And I know Smaug is huge and Bilbo would be about the size of his nostril or something, but I was having a hard enough time drawing Bilbo this small without making him smaller, and I didn't want to just draw Smaug as a nose. Artistic license, methinks. ;) Oh, and that diamond in the center is supposed to be the Arkenstone (Josh gave me the idea to add that).

And I think I got the best compliment from my mom ever on this- she's not usually very supportive of my art (she always just asks if I've sold anything yet, and complains that I spend all day on the computer "not getting any work done", but I'm not going to go into that annoyance of mine right now). However, this time when she saw my drawing she said it was good and said I should become an art teacher. From her, that's major praise indeed!

I'd actually like being an art teacher, I think, but I'm not that great at drawing which is probably the main art talent you'd need (plus, I don't think I'd feel right grading kids on how well they create- who am I to say what is good and what isn't? That and I've never had any kind of desire to go to art school- who are the professors to grade me, as the other flip of the coin, lol). I can draw passably, but I have to look off a model or a photo to get it right (like for Bilbo I had to find a photo online of a person kneeling). I guess that's not really too horrible, and I guess with enough practice I could do it from my memory, but drawing isn't the kind of art that I love enough to want to keep doing it over and over to get it right. I'll just be content with imperfect sketches and concentrate on my crochet and jewelry and all; I'll let Josh be the really talented drawer of the family. ;)

But hey, when/if we ever have kids, genetically and by environment they'll be the most artistic ones ever with all the kinds of art we can do. ;)


tollykit said...

I think it's great!!

Merily said...

Aww, thank you! :D

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I love how it came out! Good job!

threadsofmagique said...

It's wonderful! What a perfect gift

Merily said...

Thanks! My dad loved it and knew exactly what it was supposed to be of. I was so happy about that! :D

I even framed it for him. :D

Cat (darklingwoods) said...

I love your Smaug and Bilbo :)


Merily said...

Thank you, Cat! :)

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