Monday, June 08, 2009

No werewolves allowed- I want the cake to myself?

Nothing like random subjects in one post, LOL!

This is actually related to yesterday's post, but I forgot to include it, although I did Plurk/Tweet the quote. Basically I just wanted to stick it here, as well, because it makes me laugh:
Yesterday when I was listing my mermaid, I almost forgot to add my usual disclaimer- my sister was in the room, so I explained that I put a warning on my doll listings so people don't buy them for young children. I know nothing about kids, so I said "for all I know, they'd rip off the arms and eat them". My sister, who has apparently been around me too long, shot back "yeah, do not give to Werewolf babies". XD Later, when I told this to my fiancé, he said something like "Werewolves or Ogres. You're speciesist!". So now apparently I can't sell dolls to Werewolves or Ogres. ;)

And I'm going to make this post one of my daily (well, mostly) art posts since I'm not going to be able to post later tonight; we're having a little family thing for my fiancé's birthday (which is Friday, but today was the day my dad didn't have to work and my grandmother could come over). I'm assuming we're going to have more cake when the D&D group gets together this weekend. Yay, cake!

...oh, right, art update. Got distracted there for a second! Here's my latest necklace/anklet- "Kili's Cavern".

For once I came up with a name on my own! Well, sort of. I knew I wanted to name it something to do with caves, and maybe Dwarves because it reminded me of light shining off gems in the dark, and I think my fiancé gave me the idea to use Kili's name. I have no idea if said Dwarf ever made jewelry (hey, for all we know, some of Tolkien's Dwarves could have been female- or maybe I've just been reading Discworld too much, lol!), but if he did, I bet it would be like this. The necklace/anklet is here in my Etsy shop and here in my Artfire shop.

And hey, this entry shows that I'm not a biased Woodland Elf- I can talk about Dwarves, Ogres, and Werewolves... even if I won't sell to two of those three. Okay, maybe a tad speciesist. ;)


threadsofmagique said...

Oh no! Not another disclaimer to put on my dolls. I swear the disclaimers are already longer than the descriptions. As for the comment about the dwarves, how am I going to finish re-reading the Ring with that image in my mind? (I love Discworld!)

Merily said...

Seriously, and I don't know what I'll do if that stupid new law about children's toys passes. The entire description will be a disclaimer. :-\

LOL! Glad to be of service? ;) I've thought for years that some of those Dwarves in The Hobbit could be female, especially Fiki or Kili. I mean, with Dwarves, how can you tell? ;)

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