Thursday, June 04, 2009

Randomness- mermaids, cookies, and dice

Sorry I haven't posted in a few days; I haven't been feeling well, so haven't felt up to updating my blog on the few artsy things I've been working on. I did managed to finish the yarn I was working on (as well as spin up a small skein of two extra little lengths of yarn that I've had sitting on my lazy kate since last year sometime). I'll get pictures of those once they dry.

I also finished my mermaid plushie that I've been working on. I haven't listed her yet, but here's a sneak peek at what she looks like:

Silly me realized today that while my beat up, hand me down old camera won't work for listing things (the micro setting doesn't work and it doesn't hold a charge long), it's fine for taking quick photos like this when I don't want to go find my dad's camera. :) I'm still hoping I get one for my birthday, but this'll hold me over for a while.

I also had a craving for chocolate chip cookies tonight but there were none in the house, so I baked some from scratch:

It's funny; I can't cook for beans, but I love to bake and can make really good desserts. It always surprises people when I successfully bake something for this reason. I'm not sure why I love baking and hate cooking; I guess it's because cooking always takes longer and doesn't have such sugar-filled results, lol!

Yesterday I listed another of the hemp necklace/anklets that I made up a few weeks ago (I still have more to list, and I just got some more Summer-y beads yesterday, so I'll be making even more). This one is my "Luck be a Lady" necklace:

It's here on Etsy and here on Artfire. I think I got the name for this one from viridianmuse on Plurk. I'm so terrible with names I'll take all the help I can get!

Speaking of names, I've decided to give my dolls Old English names; one of my beading friends was mentioning Hawaiian names- was it Brandi? And I liked that idea, and wanted to try my own version. I have no idea how accurate they are (I kinda haven't opened any of my textbooks in months *looks sheepish*), but I tried. You can see the names in the plushie section of my Etsy shop. I didn't want to name the goddess, Caliban and Clara already have names, and Death in OE is Death anyway (well, deaĆ¾, but I can't use thorns on Etsy so it would just be "th"). I suppose I could find some variation of the word, but eh, it would be redundant.

And hey, my interview is up on the EtsyFAST team blog. It was weird posting my own interview, but I figured what the heck, since I posted the other leader's a few days ago. It can be "learn about the leader week" or something, lol.

I've got a few more things to list (a new set of runes, some necklaces, that mermaid, etc), but I'm feeling really crummy right now so I'm just going to watch some of the Star Trek TNG I taped and go to bed.

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