Saturday, June 13, 2009

Rather geeky presents for my fiancé

First off, can I say how dumb I feel today? I couldn't figure out why the internet wasn't working this morning- I even checked the router a few times, but lights were lit, so I figured it was okay. After poking around on my computer and not being able to fix it that way, I finally decided to go poke the router box- I poked the "internet on/off" button and lo and behold the internet came back on.

But do you want to know what makes me feel so dumb about this? The cat's butt was the reason the button had got turned off in the first place. She was laying next to (well, practically on) the router this morning, and must have hit it. Yes, my cat is rather fat and none too graceful, but I had no idea she could hit it that easily. So yeah, I got a good laugh out of that this morning!

Anyway, the real thing that I wanted to post about (and was trying to an hour ago) is that I gave the birthday presents I made to my fiancé yesterday and he loved them! Yay! :D And since he has them now, I can share the rather geeky things I made him.

This is the one thing I made:

Meet Dwight the White, Josh's "Dungeons and Dragons" Paladin. He's sort of an NPC since Josh is the Dungeon Master, but he was a member of our adventuring party for a while before becoming a duke.

This was my first attempt at this kind of hair style- I combined the really short crochet in the round kind of thing with the usual kind of hair I do (only shorter), and got Dwight's hairstyle that's kind of like a bowl cut. I had to glue down the hair, though, because otherwise it would have stuck up. He's wearing a felt tabard with a stag head and diamond design, felt boots and gloves (gauntlets), and a crocheted belt. I also painted on the blue and silver trim, his eyebrows, mouth, and goatee, and painted those plastic safety eyes. :)

He doesn't have a weapon because I put Josh in charge of that so he'd get it right- he's either going to use a He-man sword or sculpt him one.

...and why is Firefox spell checking "tabard"? It's a word!

The other things I made Josh were iron-on transfer tshirts from his (much neglected) webcomic "Goblins Like These":

This one is a lineup of the three main Goblins on a white tshirt- Boss, Igik, and Gork.

And this one is Igik by himself because he's sort of the flagship Goblin, in that he's the one that most people love. For some reason this transfer came out with some lines on the side, but it's not that noticeable (it also looks crooked on the shirt, but I don't think it is).

I really love these shirts and want one for myself now! Mine would have Gork on it, though, because he's my favorite of the Goblins and the one I play in the D&D game based on the comic. I also want to make some of these shirts with actual comics on them, and hey, if Josh ever gets the comic updated on a regular basis (so it can get more of a fanbase) I think I'll try opening up a Cafe Press shop to sell the shirts. :)

Ack, and I just realized that I didn't post about the most recent item I listed, but it fits right in since it's also "Dungeons and Dragons" related. ;) This is my "Aldalion's Ardor" beaded hemp necklace/anklet:

Yup, I still have necklaces left from that HUGE batch I made last month, LOL! This necklace/anklet is named after my Gray Elf bard from an old D&D campaign. He had an obsession with purple (he was to purple what I am to green, if that explains it), and the purple and sepia tones in this necklace seem quite Elven. Here's the link on Etsy, and here's the listing on Artfire.

Heh, I've been on an especially geeky kick lately, haven't I? ;) Next up are hopefully going to be another set of runestones and some chainmaille necklaces. I had a great idea for one last night- I hope it'll work! I'm also going to do a "Technique Tuesday" post for the ABST blog with pictures from the next maille necklace I do, so look for that soon!


mermaiden said...

such awesome gifts you made! josh must feel lucky :D i made my son some WOW transfer tees too, it's such a cool idea!

Merily said...

Aww, thanks! Yeah, Josh really liked his gifts. I'm hoping maybe this'll give him the kick he needs to start drawing his comic again. ;)

It is a really neat idea- you get to show off your love of dorky things without it costing too much to make! :D

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