Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sale reminder and Wyvern bards

First, don't forget about the Etsy EarthPath Artisans Summer Solstice Sale going on this weekend only!

Here's my particular deal in my Etsy shop:
From Saturday 20th-Sunday 21st, I'm offering FREE shipping on all purchases of $10 or more in my Etsy shop! Just write "Summer Solstice Sale" in the "notes to seller" field when checking out, and I'll send you a refund (via PayPal) of the shipping after you pay.

Six shops are participating this time around, so check them out for some great deals from talented artists!

And second, I wanted to share my new necklace. I'll admit, this was fun to make because I love the theme I was using for it. ;) This is my "Underwater Wyvern" hemp necklace/anklet:

It's here in my Etsy shop and here in my Artfire shop.

There's a fun story behind this one, although it's probably pretty boring to anyone not in my "Dungeons and Dragons" group, lol. In one of our adventures, we came to an underground cavern containing a large pool fed by an underground river, and as we were resting by the pool the idea of a Wyvern in the pond popped into the Dungeon Master's head.

It went like this: the Wyvern was eyeing up the adventurers like he was going to eat them, then shifts his eyes to the audience and he starts singing a song about how he's a Wyvern that lives underwater and is going to get the adventurers- not withstanding that Wyverns, unlike dragons, cannot talk, let alone sing, and certainly aren't accompanied by a band. As the fantasy picks up, he gets more into it and is singing about how clever and stealthy he is, but at that point obviously the adventurers notice.

It's now become the top song of the campaign world. Number two is Vanne Hailenne's "Ye Beautifulle Gyrls", according to my fiancé (the aforementioned Dungeon Master). ;)

And hey, I think I may be getting better at photography! I'm still not, you know, a professional at it, but I'm getting slightly better at staging. I'm actually contemplating using my large fuzzy blue dragon (that actually looks like a dragon, albeit smaller) as a prop, but I'm not sure if he'll be distracting. I guess I'll just try it out the next time I get photos and post them here to see what you all think. :)


TiLT said...

love those...and that pic of the Underwater Wyvern looks so looks like it is being suspended by a big bubble :)

Merily said...

Thanks! Oh wow, I hadn't even thought of that! It's definitely appropriate that I used that vase for that photo, then, huh? :)

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