Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's hard to type with an arm brace on!

Still chaos around here; Clarabell (my kitty) has been sick so I'm keeping an eye on her and giving her medicine for her ear- she has another vet appointment on Thursday. Please cross your fingers that she'll be feeling better; I love Clara with all my heart and want her healthy again! Also, I think I sprained my ankle and pulled some muscles in my (opposite) arm and wrist. The brace/wrap on my ankle is definitely helping, and I got a brace for my wrist today that I'm going to wear whenever I need to use that arm for something; I figure it can't hurt and will hopefully make it feel better.

I am so far behind with everything, though! I still need to make a charm for the ABST charm bracelet charity thing the team is doing, I owe ShesBatty on Plurk some bracelets for a sampler, I need to start my best friend's birthday presents, I'm behind on all my teams and guilds (and need to do the second half of a "Technique Tuesday" on chainmaille, but I can't weave maille while my arm is sore), and I'm painfully behind on listing things in my shops. I did just edit some photos to get things ready to list soon (tomorrow, I hope), so that's a start. I also started crocheting a case for my camera, but didn't get too far because I use my left arm far too much when I crochet (which I never noticed until I hurt said arm; go figure!).

I do want to share the present I made my sister for her birthday:

Amy picked out the yarn and her favorite bolero/shrug/sweater pattern (seriously, I gave her a pick of about a dozen) and this was the result. I'm super proud of it because it's my first sweater (and not counting sleeves and a shawl, my first clothing item) and it actually fits her perfectly! :D I don't usually make clothing, mostly because I hate following patterns but have no idea how to make my own shirt (yet). But now I have some extra pink yarn laying around so maybe I'll make something else for her with it later. :) My sister is to hot pink what I am to green (as you can tell by her hot pink walls in the photo). ;)

I know I have other things to blog about, but I can't think of them right now. How'd it get to be 1am, anyway?


threadsofmagique said...

Never rains but what it pours, as my mother used to say. I'll be sending good thoughts for your Clara. Hope she's better soon, and that your arm gets better, too. Take care.

mermaiden said...

meri, healing wishes to all who need them in your house.
the shrug came out so good! well done.

Merily said...

Definitely pouring here! I'm hoping we'll have some amazing good in the near future to balance it. Thanks for the good thoughts and healing wishes!

And thanks, Julie! :D I'm so happy that my sister likes it so much- she wore it today, which is funny because I was wearing the shirt she got me from vacation. We both must have good taste. XD

Anonymous said...

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