Friday, July 10, 2009

More Elemental necklaces!

Ugh, when it rains it pours. On top of everything else that's been going on with my family and their health, I've been sick for a few days (I think I'm on another downcycle of my SSRI withdrawal rather than that I caught something), and I keep injuring myself. First I hurt my right foot/toe, and that's been bothering me, then I fell and hurt my left leg and arm. That one's feeling a bit better, but I'm going to make this entry short because my left arm/wrist is starting to hurt from being on the computer.

I wanted to share the bolero/sweater/shrug I made for my sister's birthday, but I still have to upload a photo of it off my camera- expect that soon. Today I'm just going to share my two latest necklaces; both are in the "Elemental" series that I'm working on (following my "Underwater Wyvern" necklace I talked about last month).

First up is my Air Elemental necklace "Sprightly Sylphs":

That's currently in both my Etsy and Artfire shops. For all that Air isn't my Element of choice, I do like it, probably because my two favorite D&D characters are related to it- one is caught on the Elemental Plane of Air (that's where the game stopped), and the other has spells in that sphere and has an Air Elemental of his own.

And the other recent necklace is the Fire one "Smaug's Ire":

That's in both my Etsy and Artfire shops, too. Fire is definitely not my Element; I avoid it whenever possible (as you can tell by the fact that I rarely work with reds and oranges). The funny thing is, I had actually made this necklace a month ago and had the photos all ready to go, then completely forgot about it and started listing newer necklaces instead. Oops? I didn't remember about it until I had listed Water and Air and got confused when I couldn't find Fire in my shops.

I'm not sure if I've finished one that will work for Earth or not; I'll have to go look through my finished pile.

And hey, one of my EAST teammates featured my "Sprightly Sylphs" necklace on her blog! Thanks so much for including me! :D


mermaiden said...

i am very much a water person ;] but i am drawn to Smaug in his fire element. Great piece.

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Those are both beautiful :)

Merily said...

Thanks, guys! :D I love working with the elements and Elementals in my art, but I have a feeling if I continue to do this, Water and Earth are going to vastly outnumber the other two (well, maybe Air will get some love; I'm cool with that one, it's just not mine, lol).

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