Friday, July 31, 2009

Trove Thursday- Into the Forest

I totally meant to make this post last night to start my "Trove Thursday" feature in my blog, but got distracted playing board games with my family. I may switch around the day for it anyway, so "Thursday" may mean whatever day it gets stuck on, lol. Anyway, the point of this entry it to feature some neat things (this time from members of my guilds and teams). I found so much to fit this theme, though, that I'll likely post the rest next week. :) I hope no one minds that I featured them! (I borrowed the linking idea from my friend Ruthie.)

This week's theme is "Forest"- I found the items for it by searching "forest", "tree", and "leaf", as well as various guild/team tags.

1.) "Cinquefoil Pin" by Walkinthewoodsllc on Artfire.
2.) "Leafy Greens - crocheted wire necklace" by CindyCreativeCrochet on Etsy.
3.) "Fairie Ride" by DELdreamart on Etsy.
4.) "Aqua Blues . The Necklace" by vickiorion on Etsy.
5.) "Ivy and Vines" by HowlingCaterpillars on Etsy.
6.) "Spring Oak 1" by Carapace on Etsy.
7.) "Elvensoul -- Woven elf necklace with lots of leaves" by ErtheFae on Etsy.
8.) "Falling Leaves Earrings in Moss Green and Gold Findings" by 2goodclaymates on Artfire.
9.) "Forest Spirit Leather Mask for Those Forced to wear Glasses" by UpfromtheAshes on Etsy.

I was also going to feature this hobbit-y roving from wildhare on Etsy, but I couldn't resist buying it. I just love the colors!

I hope you enjoyed this feature- I had a lot of fun picking pretty things to post! Any particular theme you'd like to see in the future?


mermaiden said...

sublime collection; gorgeous variety. the forest makes me feel peaceful during the day...ahhhhhhh.

threadsofmagique said...

What beautiful things you found and I love the way you posted them! Good job!

Merily said...

Thanks, guys! :D Yeah, I find forests (and forest themed things) to be peaceful, too. :)

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