Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Undines and blue skies (maille and yarn, that is!)

Clara is still under the weather, but she is eating some (not nearly as much as I would like her to, though). The vet told me to stop with the ear drops until he can see her on Thursday. I hope she feels better soon!

I've got two things to share today- a necklace I finished last month but finally got around to photographing and listing, and yarn I finished tonight.

First, the necklace; here are three photos because I wanted to include one of the more creatively staged ones, lol.

This "Undine's Familiar" is another of my "Elemental Necklace Series", but this one is a different variation because it's chainmaille instead of hemp. The necklace actually followed the bottle charm; I made that first- it has a tiny clay fish, seaweed, and sanddollar in it (I rarely work that small; it took me far too long to make those little things, lol), and some yellow seed beads for "sand" and a metal star bead. I also painted the inside bottom blue and added some glued glitter to the sides for "water". I'm not sure if I'll make more bottle charms in the future; they're really hard to work with, so I may prefer to buy finished ones. The only downside with that is I can't put in them what my mind wants to, you know? Anyway, the necklace followed the charm, and as my FAE friend Julie pointed out, it looks like mermaid scales. :) I didn't even see that until she pointed it out, but I think she's right!
The necklace is in my Artfire and Etsy shops.

The other thing I wanted to share is the yarn I just finished spinning tonight:

That black glove thing is my arm brace. Yes, I'm prone to injury. ;) (And the background of the first is actually the beach chair where I sit outside most of the day, for more random info.) The pictures totally don't do all these blues justice; I'll get another picture after I skein the yarn up and set the twist and all.

This is thick and thin yarn I spun up on one of my bottom whorl spindles using roving I got from Jazzturtle on Etsy. It's this roving to be exact. As soon as I saw that roving I fell in love with it!

I'm sort of working on a crocheted case for my new camera; "sort of" as in I started the inside part, but haven't wanted to push using my left arm too much since I rely heavily on that one when I crochet. Hopefully I can finish that soon because I want my camera to have a safe spot to sleep (what? It has a name [Blarf]; it should get a personality, too). ;) ...and I just realized that smiley faces look weird when you type with semicolons regularly. Heh. Oh man, and I just remembered that I haven't been working on my "Wreck This Journal", either. I need to do that; maybe I should get one for my best friend so that would make me remember mine more if I saw her use hers.

LOL! And my dad just managed to turn on my tv from his room- my first thought was that the cat or dog had sat on my remote, but I guess the one for dad's tv works on mine from across the hall. Magic! XD


Melissa said...

I love your chainmaille stuff. It's always so pretty.

As for your comment on your camera, there is nothing wrong with a camera having a name, personality, and a place to sleep. Mine's name is Sasa and is comfortably "sleeping" in its velvety feeling carrying case.

Merily said...

Thank you! Once my arm feels better I'd like to start learning new weaves for it. :)

Heehee, I figured you'd like the idea. ;) You named your mp3 player or gameboy or something, too, right?

Melissa said...

Mp3 player, Nintendo DS, camera, cellphones (old and new), tower fan... if it's electronic, it probably has a name. XD

Merily said...

LOL! And here I am just naming cars, computers, and a camera. XD ..although I guess my iPod has a name since it needed to be given one so my computer could find it. "Kokiri_boy" counts as a name, right? ;)

Orion Designs said...

Your chainmaille is great Meri - and your photos are better than ever. The new camera is your new best friend!

Merily said...

Thanks, Vicki! Yeah, I seriously love this camera! I love how it lets me do the closeup of the bottle charm. :D

Miss Val's Creations said...

I love this necklace! The bottle accent is so great! The chainmaille colors are beautiful.

I just became a fan on Facebook. My Facebook page is

Merily said...

Thank you! I'll have to make more maille necklaces soon. :)

I just fanned your page, too!

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