Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yay, books!

The books I ordered from a sale on interweavestore.com showed up today! Hooray! I wanted a whole bunch of them, but I could only afford three:

One on beads, one on crocheting wire, and one with crochet patterns. The first two look very helpful, and the third has some really cute patterns (I really want to make a lot of them!). I'll try to post some reviews about them later once I test them out, but from reading through them they look really good! :) Now I just need to get some yarn to make the crochet things, and probably some more thin wire for the jewelry.

...and pardon my sneakers in the picture. Apparently my feet wanted in it. ;) (Edit later: I just realized that my copy of Emma that I'm currently reading is peeking out, too. Yeah, my thing for books is so strong that they spawn. ;) )

I also got some yarn, clay, and some leaf charms in the mail today, so yay for artsy things showing up! That always makes me happy. :)

Oh! And I wanted to share that I'm in a treasury filled with awesome art from the EAST (EarthPath Artisans) team. Thanks for including me, mysticwynd!

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