Sunday, August 30, 2009

Finished custom orders and some dorky drawings

Thanks so much to everyone who answered my clay questions here and on Facebook! *hugs!* I'm super excited to get to work on new clay things; Josh is ordering me the supplies this week, as well as some yarn for my elf costume. :D

I wanted to share the two custom orders I finished this week- I hope the people I made them for like them!

The first is the finished Henry Hatsworth plushie; I haven't played the DS game that he's from, so I worked off of pictures like this one.
Finished Henry Hatsworth plushie 1

Finished Henry Hatsworth plushie 2

Finished Henry Hatsworth plushie 3
(Click to see them larger.)
He's almost entirely crocheted out of acrylic yarn. The red strip on the hat, the bowtie, and the pockets of the jacket are felt that is glued on. The eyes and mouth are painted on in acrylic paints and the monocle is made from wire. The teacup and sword are made from polymer clay painted with acrylic paints (and gold pigments mixed with varnish on the sword), then coated with a shiny layer of varnish and epoxied onto the doll.

While making him I got some inspiration for some hobbit dolls (I blame the jacket looking like a vest before I added the sleeves), so I'll likely work on one of those soon, too. :)

The other custom order I finished this week are these earrings (click to make larger).
Purple and silver cartilage chain earrings with handmade beads

Purple and silver cartilage chain earrings with handmade beads
I'm really proud of the polymer clay beads I made- I think I'm getting better with clay. :) She wanted them to look like tie-dye, and I think I got pretty close. I'm still not good enough with clay to be able to tell the colors where to go, but I do okay with random swirls. ;)

The other random thing I wanted to share are the sketches my fiancé drew last night- I love his drawings and creativity (he's a comic artist, although he hasn't updated his webcomic in a while). Whenever we play Uno with my family he always draws something on the scoresheet, and this time was no exception.

We've been playing HeroQuest (it's a board game, but kind of like D&D), so he sketched out the Barbarian and Dwarf characters:
Josh's HeroQuest sketch
The dwarf is also standing on an eye that Josh was originally going to make a beholder but decided he didn't want to draw all the little eyes on. I think it looks like a dragon is sneaking up on the unsuspecting HeroQuest characters.

And my favorite, silly as it is, is this drawing Josh did of my D&D characters:
Josh's D&D sketch
I've been bugging Josh to draw a "kind of cute drawing of my characters" for a while, and I guess he got tired of me saying that so he drew this. ;) The left is Cyneric (my cleric) and the one on the right is his orc henchman SwampFox. I think they look like characters from a children's cartoon; wouldn't you want to watch a show with an orc as a main character?

I'm going to go stick that picture in Cyn's blog, and probably use it as an icon on my personal livejournal because it makes me smile. :) Maybe I should try drawing the characters, but I don't really know how to draw an orc.

I've also been thinking up short stories (like a back history) for Cyn, and I really really miss writing (I used to do a lot of online ficlet writing for characters), so I'm pretty sure I'm going to start doing something like that in that blog. You know, if anyone feels like reading about the adventures of a cleric of a mischief/messenger god who has an orc as a best friend. If not, I'll write it anyway because I want to get back into the practice of writing and give him some character development. :)


BeadedTail said...

Henry Hatsworth turned out great! So did those earrings! Your fiance is very talented too!

Merily said...

Thank you! :D He totally is, and these are just quick sketches. He's amazing at drawing- I hope he can become a successful cartoonist some day. :)

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