Sunday, August 30, 2009

Henry is famous!

Okay, so my doll isn't really famous, but he was blogged about today on :D How cool is that? Thanks so much for featuring him- it's an honor! And hey, a DS blog- I'll have to start RSS feeding that since it's relevant to my interests. (Not that I'm on top of DS things; I'm too poor. Heck, I only have the original DS and a few games.)

I'm not entirely sure how they found him, though; I suppose through Flickr or my blog, but that blog definitely gets bonus points for knowing to link to my website and for figuring out what my real name is (not that I make that a secret; I just prefer to go by my nickname, lol). And hey, thank goodness for Google alert; if it wasn't for that email telling me when my nickname gets mentioned I never would have known.

I completely forgot to stick Henry up in the sold/finished part of my website, so I'll do that now. He's going to his new home tomorrow; he's going to be a gift for someone's husband. I just think that is so cool because I know my fiancé loves getting video game related things as presents, so I'm hoping this guy likes it as much as my fiancé always does. :)


luthien said...

oh wow!!! he deserves to be famous tho ... he's afterall one great looking gentleman, swords and all :))

Merily said...

LOL! He is a rather charming plushie. ;)

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