Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'll admit to having a thing for fictional men

Time for a random post! I could put this in my personal livejournal (and maybe I will crosspost it) but I'd love to start a chain of people doing this. :D My friend Niere made a post in her blog about fictional characters she has fancied over the years, and since I love the idea, I'll do it, too. Pretty much all the characters I've loved in the past are characters I love now, so there hasn't been much change over the years for me. These are in no particular order; I guess I'll do them randomly by fandom.

1.) Meriadoc Brandybuck (Lord of the Rings)

This crush has nothing to do with the actor; in fact, the reason I have a thing for Dom Monaghan now is because he played Merry, not the other way around. Merry was actually my very first crush; I fell for him when my dad first read me The Fellowship of the Ring when I was still a kid (I think I was about eight). Of course, I had no idea that it was a crush at the time, just that I thought he was so cool. What's not to love about Merry- he has a sense of humor, he's very brave, and he's a hobbit. ;)

2.) Faramir (Lord of the Rings)

This crush is an old one, too; I finished the rest of the trilogy when I was in high school (before the movies came out) and his honor and strength are what make him so appealing.

3.) Cedric Diggory (Harry Potter)

I'm actually rather embarrassed by this crush because I figure people will think I like him because of the actor (especially since he was in that stupid vampire movie and is all popular now). As with Merry and Faramir, I like the character for the character; I'm a Hufflepuff, how could I not like him? Anyone who shows how great Hufflepuffs can be is awesome.

4.) Data (Star Trek TNG)

I don't really fancy Data the way I do most other characters; I find his naivety to be absolutely adorable. Going by appearance and how attractive a character is, though, I think Riker would win.

5.) Ford Prefect (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)

Honestly, it's time for a reread of this series because I can't remember exactly why I like him so much. I think it's his optimism and eccentricity, and that cluelessness that he sometimes has.

6.) Link (Legend of Zelda, specifically "Ocarina of Time")

OoT was the first Zelda game I ever played and it's still my favorite. Link is just awesome- strong, brave, quiet... and attractive, of course. ;)

7.) Lobsang Ludd (Thief of Time- Discworld series by Terry Pratchett)

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures for him- they haven't made Thief of Time into a movie yet and there's no official art of him (actually, I'm kind of glad of this because I know they'd get him wrong from how I picture him). However, Lobsang is actually my biggest crush (it's starting to feel kind of creepy since he's only about 17 or so, lol). He's the anthropomorphic personification of Time (well, he's Time's son and takes over for her) and he's one of those mischievous young characters that I love so much. He's also the love interest of the character I cosplay, so maybe I'm biased there- I'd make my fiancé dress as him if Josh looked anything like him; unfortunately, Josh looks more like Carrot minus the red hair. Maybe I'll still make him dress like Lobsang anyway. ;)

8.) Skif ("Heralds of Valdemar" series by Mercedes Lackey)

I have a love/hate crush here. I love younger-Skif; he's so mischievous and funny! However, when he gets older he becomes stupid and won't drop a crush he has on a character I really don't like and who doesn't like him back, and he spends far too much time pining. Ugh.

9 and 10.) Elan and Inkyrius ("Order of the Stick" webcomic)

Elan (the one on the left) is pretty much my old (and one of my favorite) D&D character- he's goofy, not very bright, and oblivious, but he's just adorable and a very nice guy. As for Inkyrius, even though he's (she's? We don't know the gender of Elves in that comic strip- I think of Kyrie as male, though) a very minor character, Kyrie's my favorite. Any Elf who is willing to stand up to an angry and possessed mate with nothing but a stick in order to protect his/her children is awesome in my book. And come on, what's not to love about a green-haired Elven apprentice pastry chef? ;)

11.) Bakshi Legolas (animated Lord of the Rings)

Now this is an attractive Legolas- Orlando Bloom has nothing on this wonky-eyed and buck-toothed Elf! ...okay, this is a joke that my friends and I have had for years and years (and it's actually how I know the friend I stole this blog post idea from- I met her in the Bakshi Legolas thread on Gaia, I think). He's obviously not really a crush, but he's my main joke-crush, so I had to include him. ;)

So there's my list of mostly literary characters (what can I say, I'm a bookworm). Please jump on the bandwagon if you'd like; I'd love to see what fictional characters everyone fancies!


Melissa said...

Yay for borrowing my blog idea! I totally should've put Bakshi Legolas on mine. I think I was going to, but forgot.

I like Merry. I think he's my second favorite LotR character.

I never know how to rank my favorite characters in TNG. I think Data's either second or third on my list. You know Riker's my number one (haha. Number One. Get it?) and I guess I might rank Troi as two, but that's usually just because I like the two as a couple. So they tie for first? But yeah. I love Data, too.

Still wish I would've remembered Link when I was making my list...

Rose Works Jewelry said...

I don't think I'll get around to doing this on my blog - but I had a ton of fun reading it on yours! And I knew who they all were until the last three :D

luthien said...

LOL!!! that was so much fun!!! i totally have character crushes too :) but i tend to mix them up when they make the stories into movies ... so at the end of the day i really dunno if it's the character i have a crush on or the actor :) but who cares!! ;)

Merily said...

Niere- Oh no! How could you forget BL? Poor poor deformed elf! ;)

Haha, Number One. Ah, puns. I really like Data and Geordie; I think Data narrowly beats him out as my favorite character. Riker is in third place for me. :)

It's because Link is so quiet- he wasn't making his presence known. ;)

Ruthie- well, if you ever get a chance, you should. :D lol, I'm honestly not surprised that you didn't recognize the OotS characters; you should read that webcomic, though!

Luthien- LOL! Yeah, that could be a problem. ;) I usually like the characters before I see the movies, but if the characters are really awesome in the movies I end up liking them even more than I did from the books. I think Ford is one of those. :)

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