Saturday, August 01, 2009

Inspiration time!

I'm joining in the "Inspiration Blog Party" hosted by the Inspiration Avenue team on Etsy. I'm not a member (ye gads, I'm already in seven teams; don't think I could add one more!) but this blog party looks like a lot of fun and the team looks really nice and creative. :D

Here are the five things that inspire me most:

Nature- I'm very much inspired by nature, mostly Earth and Water (forests/trees, and oceans, specifically). I spend most of the day outside, reading or working on art. Those pictures are my view from the front yard of my parents' house (I'm currently living with them)- this is the view I see whenever I'm crafting. :) The back yard is even more tree-filled and foresty, but it generally doesn't get as much light since it's under trees, so I sit in the front yard instead.

Lord of the Rings- I'll admit to being obsessed with Lord of the Rings, and it's the main reason I'm so into fantasy. My dad read me The Hobbit when I was six and FotR soon after (I don't think I read TTT and RotK until I was a teen, though). Even my alias is LotR-related (half elf/half halfling daughter of the Elvenking- here's a drawing I did of her years and years ago. Call me a Thranduil fangirl if you must, but I've loved Mirkwood since I was six, lol), and I'll write some listings and things from the point of view of a Woodland Elfling/Elbit. Most of what I make is fantasy-related, and while mostly not directly related to LotR (I often go from mythology and general fantasy), LotR is always at the center of my crafty heart. :)
(I wanted to get a more dorky photo, but most of my LotR hoardcollection is in storage.)

Dungeons and Dragons- this is related to my LotR/fantasy inspiration, but I thought it deserved its own point because I tend to make a lot of D&D inspired things- plushies, plushies, plushies, and more plushies, jewelry... yeah, I'm into D&D. ;) My group hasn't been able to play in months, and I'm really missing it!
(That photo is of my D&D binder with a drawing of my old character in it, said character's character sheet, my pouch full of D&D things, my dice pouch, and some of my dice and figures. I forgot to include the spell components I made for my current Cleric, though.)

Friends, both in real life and on the internet- my friends give me so many neat ideas of things to make! My best friend (she's on the right of the photo) requests some odd things that are fun to make (like this dragon to stick down her bodice), I'm always trying to think of neat dorky things to make my fiancé (like the Goblins from his webcomic, this Pacman pillow, and Nintendo robot for example), and even my online friends give me ideas (my FAE friend Julie has made me want to get into crocheting wire, for one). I also love my street teams and guilds- I love being able to talk to people who share my interests and are so friendly and willing to help everyone. Artists really are nice people! :)
And now that my sister asked if she was an inspiration, I'll include her- I do make a lot of pink things for her! ;)
(That picture is years old, but it's one of my favorites of me and my best friend at the Renfaire.)

My pets- okay, so only the kitty Clarabell is mine (the dogs belong to my parents), but I live with them and get daily love from Chloe and Clara (not so sure how friendly Daisy will be [she's the small puppy] since my parents just got her today). When you're upset or not feeling well (I'm that last one a lot), there's nothing better than a purring cat headbumping you or a puppy giving you kisses. :) At least, I can't think of anything better! I've made art for the cat and based on her. What can I say, I adore my cat!
(The first photo is Chloe and Clara, the second is Chloe and Daisy.)

I'm going to go grab some lunch now, but right after that I'm going to go see what inspires everyone else. :D


Rose Works Jewelry said...

I love your inspirations! :D

Deronda designs... said...

That was fun. I like peeking at your creative self.

Sarah said...

great inspirations!

luthien said...

OMG!!! LOTRs!!! i am sooooooo into LOTRs too ...and fantasy! you know what ... i think you and i can be real good pals!

thank you for partying with us and good luck on the giveaway!!

mae govannen!
luthien :) (recognize the name? ;)

BeadedTail said...

What great inspirations! Thanks for sharing your great photos!

Bunny Missbrenner said...

yeah, I'm kinda new at this blog thing too, but I did notice you love cats. Well, do I. Most people I meet are dog people and that's fine, but I seldom come across a cat purrrson. So, anywho,just thought I'd drop you a line and on.....


Mana Moon Studios said...

This was wonderful Merily, I love hearing all about what inspires you most! The toys you made for your cat are adorable and who doesn't just love the Renn fairs, we go each year!

What a beautiful place your parents have and it's so inspiring to be surrounded by nature every day!
All the best ~ Sharon

Michele Lynch Art said...

Wonderful inspirations!

Inspiration Avenue said...

Just stopping by to leave a comment from all of us and to thank you for joining in the fun today!
♥Sharon & the Girls of Inspiration Avenue

Merily said...

Aww, thanks, everyone! This was a fun post to make!

luthien- Ooo, another LotR fan! I'm going to start following your blog because I know we'd get along great! I love meeting other fantasy-loving people! :D

bunny- yup, I love cats! I like dogs, too, but I'm definitely more a cat person. It's hard being the only cat person in a family of dog people!

Mana Moon- Thanks! Yeah, I love the Renfaire- I'm hoping I'm up to going this year because I missed last year and I need my Renfaire fix! I love the yard around my parents' house (there's even a small woods/forest area behind it). When I finally get my own place, I want it to be surrounded by trees like this house is. :)

Now I'm going to try to work my way through everyone's inspiration posts! :)

artangel said...

Merily when I read your inspirations I thought of Luthien lol! Great post - it's interesting to see which inspirations a lot of us share - I think nature, family and friends are top so far!

Coastal Sisters said...

I loved all your inspirations and immediately thought of my Etsy Team Member, Luthien! You girls could be soul sisters!

Thank you so much for visiting me today :)


The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Thank you so much for attending our blog party today! And thank you for visiting my blog today too! It was so much fun to read what inspires you! I love the pictures of your cat and her room-mates the doggies! I also really love the Oscar Wilde comment!

Wishing you a wonderful evening!


Kelly said...

What great inspirations, so playful and fun. Everyone should embrace more fantasy in their life.
Your kitty is so cute. I have a soft spot for black cats. And the puppies are so cuddlely looking.

Catherine said...

Hi Merily! I loved your souces of inspiration. Your parent's home looks so beautiful, the doggies and cat are gorgeous, friends are just the best and fantasy is wonderful as you can just let yourself go.

SharDon Exclusives said...

Congratulations! You won the prize on Inspirations
Blessings to you.

Athena's Armoury said...

What a fantastic blog post! I loved seeing all of your inspirations. I may have to steal your idea for this post at some point.

mrsb said...

Just came across your blog, and it's just beautiful!

Merily said...

Thanks, guys! :D

I think it's neat that I found Luthien randomly through this; I'm following her blog now. :D

artangel- Yeah, family, nature, and friends are mentioned a lot with this. :)

You should definitely steal this idea, Janine. :)

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