Monday, August 24, 2009

Sneak peek at a custom plushie and some gaming ramblings

I apologize for not updating much again; I haven't been feeling too well so I haven't really been listing anything new (just an earring, I think- I'll post about that the next time I list something) and I haven't finished anything new recently, either. I've mostly been working on stuff for EtsyFAST (like membership and blogrolls and admin stuff like that), and I've been working on some beaded hemp bracelets for a sampler one of my Plurk friends is doing that I hope to have finished in a few days. I kind of got sidetracked by a custom order I got asked to make on Etsy- I'm really excited about this because it's only the second doll I've had requested by someone who wasn't a friend. The first was for a charity auction, so I guess this is the first custom doll I'm selling. :D

She requested a plushie of Henry Hatsworth, a character from a DS puzzle game. It's actually a game I've wanted to try for a while but haven't been able to get yet, so I like that I'm able to make a doll from it. :)

After working on it off and on for a few days (I haven't been feeling too great this week, so I'm working on it when I can- I'm definitely on track for my deadline of 1-2 weeks, though!) this is what I have so far:

His arms are even; they just got folded a bit wonky when I was trying to get under lighting good enough to take a picture. The shirt collar and sideburns (or whatever that hair in the front is, lol) were a new experience; I had to try a few different things to get them to look right. The ears are sort of new; I've never given a human doll ears before (usually I just give them to Elves), but after looking at the picture of the character I decided that he really needed ears- they're like the way I crochet the Elf ones, only with a few less stitches so they aren't pointed.

I also have the mustache done, but I haven't sewed or glued it on yet because I need to see how the rest of the face looks first in case I have to make it bigger or smaller. Tomorrow I'm hoping to finish the hat and jacket, then after that comes all the embellishing, sculpting, and painting. I'm still not sure yet how I'm going to do his tie; I'll have to see what looks best with the jacket (I'm thinking either crocheting the tie or making it out of felt).

I want to give a big thanks to my fiancé- I didn't have the yarn in quite the right colors for the hair or jacket, so Josh went to the fabric store and picked out the perfect matches. Hooray for guys who are good with color! (I guess he'd have to be; he's an artist, too.)

Now onto the gaming ramblings!
And non-art-related, I'm joining a second Dungeons and Dragons group! This one is online via Ravelry and I'm super excited because I've never played online before and it looks like everyone is going to be into it. :D I'm going to be playing a High Elf bard; one of my favorite characters was my old Grey Elf bard, so I'm really looking forward to getting to play my favorite character class (and race) again. I'll likely be rambling about her soon. ;)

Not to leave my current character out, though (I do love ya, Cyn!), I'm going to go update the adventuring party's blog now, then maybe do a little journal entry in Cyneric's blog (that helps me get into character, especially since this was our first game in months and months).

And also related to gaming (although a different game), my friends and I have been talking about making our own expansion to the "Order of the Stick" board game- new characters and rooms, mostly, so that all of our D&D group can play and not just six people. (Although I will admit that my ulterior motive is so that I can play my favorite, very minor character.) No idea when all that'll get done, though, since we'll have to write up new descriptions and I'll have to see what I can put together in Paintshop. I guess this'll be sort of like house rules.

I also got asked by one of my good friends to make her some mittens, but I have to figure out how to crochet cables first since the ones she wants are knitted. I know there's a way to do it, I just need to find a tutorial; I'll ask around in the fiber arts sites and see if they know where to find them. Normally I don't mind not knowing how to knit (I mean, I love crochet far too much to cheat on it ;) ) but sometimes I see really neat knitting patterns that I wish I knew how to make.

So yeah, lots of projects in the works and these are only some of them! :)


Rose Works Jewelry said...

The plushie is looking great!

Merily said...

Thanks! I'm hoping to have it done tomorrow. :)

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