Friday, August 21, 2009

Trove Thursday- You found an empty bottle!

As usual my posting schedule is a bit off, so I'm posting Trove Thursday today. ;) I'm doing this one differently than I have been and just chose things I liked rather than things I liked that were by teammates. I also found so many awesome things that fit the theme that I filled two treasury box things; I hope you don't mind!

The theme for this week is "Legend of Zelda" because I'm getting obsessed with it again after playing some "Ocarina of Time" and finishing the Dark Link plushie this week. I'll also admit that this Trove Thursday was heavily influenced by my friend Ruthie's Link bracelet (that's the first picture in the first treasury grid), because darn it, even if I can't afford it yet I'm going to keep drooling over it as much as possible. ;)

1.) "The Legend of Zelda - Link, Bracelet" by roseworksjewelry on Etsy.
2.) "Anime Poster Print-Link's Journey" by SundanceKidStudios on Etsy.
3.) "Ocarina Earrings" by Soupis on Artfire.
4.) "The Legend of Zelda Triforce charm pendant necklace" by CreativeRampage on Etsy.
5.) "Legend of Zelda Lon Lon Milk Bottle" by tiffanybell on Etsy.
6.) "Commanding the Wind" by theGorgonist on Etsy.
7.) "We're Gonna Need a Bigger Rucksack... - Print" by kiwifruitbird on Etsy.
8.) "Legend of Zelda Master Sword and Hylian Shield Magnet Set" by PixelatedCreations on Etsy.
9.) "Legend of Zelda Link Hat Cosplay - GRASS GREEN" by armadaanime on Etsy.

And now for the bonus grid! (I guess you found the key?)

1.) "Zelda - Deku Nut Cell Phone Charm" by KeroKeroCola on Etsy.
2.) "Hero of Hyrule - 8.5 x 11 inch print" by vapor72 on Etsy.
3.) "Legend of Zelda Deku Shield/Kokiri Sword Organic Catnip Toy plushies" by Medusa4755 on Etsy.
4.) "Zelda - Bottled Fairy Necklace" by YellerCrakka on Etsy.
5.) "Green Rupee" by WickedOrin on Artfire.
6.) "soprano traditional ocarina" by anitasocarinas on Etsy.
7.) "Tri force Zelda stud earrings" by crimsonking on Etsy.
8.) "Korok" by KawaiiKritters on Etsy.
9.) "Deku Scrub Link - Charm" by UntilItEnds on Etsy.

Whew, that was a lot of copying and pasting links! (... the pun was unintentional, I assure you.) I love that you can find such amazing and dorky handmade items on Etsy and Artfire. :D


Melissa said...

Ooh. Zelda stuff! Do want. Hehe. I've been playing Twilight Princess the last few days, so I know what you mean about Legend of Zelda obsessing.

betzi said...

Love it! Zelda rocks my world too!

luthien said...

what an adorable collection!!! luv em to bits!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Awww - thank you so much for featuring my bracelet!

Merily said...

Niere- I played OoT the other day and now really want to start a game on that again; I also asked Josh to find my Ages and Seasons game boy games so I can play those again. Yay for Zelda! :D I never did get very far in TP- it took me *months* to be able to understand the controls, and then I moved in with my parents and Josh has the game. Heh. I guess I could borrow it, but that involves remembering. ;)

Thanks, guys! I'm glad you liked these picks- it was really fun finding these! :D

And Ruthie, you're very welcome! I do love that bracelet very much. :D

Melissa said...

Were you playing Twilight Princess on the Wii or Gamecube? It's probably a lot more easy on the Gamecube. That's what I've been playing it on. My brother gets so confused when he watches me play because he played it on the Wii and everything is flipped. XD

Merily said...

On the Wii- hence why I was having so many problems (I swear, I beamed myself in the head with the wiimote at least three times when trying to fog ire out how to wield the sword, lol!)

I was tempted to get the GameCube version, too, but I really don't have the extra money for a game we already have. And hey, I *think* I finally figured out the controls. ;) Then again, even being this bad at TP isn't much different from my usual problems with Zelda games. XD (I usually give the controller to Josh to fight bosses and some temples.)

Merily said...

Ack, that's supposed to be "figure"- my spellcheck went a bit wonky.

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