Monday, August 31, 2009

What a great day!

Oh my gosh, I'm in utter awe here! My little Henry doll is making his way around the internet at an amazing speed; who knew plushies could get so much attention? I found him so far on about four websites/blogs and links to those sites in a few other places (it's like a big "Where's Waldo" game, LOL!). Thanks so much to everyone who is posting about it- it totally made my day!

I've just been having a pretty darn good day all around; it's such a pleasant change! :D

Dungeons and Dragons
First, the "Dungeons and Dragons" group started on Ravelry today- D&D games make me so happy! I'm playing a High Elf bard who isn't really a bard (she's a "Thespian" kit so she acts rather than does music), but to make it confusing her main persona is a bard. She's not an actress who acts on stages, but one who thinks of life as a series of roles, so it'll be a lot of fun thinking of different personas to give her. Obviously her adventuring party will eventually learn that she's an actress, but at that point she'll hide it from everyone else and trust that the party doesn't give it away.

Pretty nature
I finally got a whole bunch of photos taken of trees and grass outside; that sounds kind of weird, but I'm hoping to use those photos as edited-in backgrounds in the winter when I can't take photos outside (since my thing is to show items with the foresty look in the background). I have no idea if it'll work, but it's worth a try.

These were my favorite three (click to see them larger).
Trees 1
Trees 3
Trees 2

Finished bracelets/anklets
Look what the faeries left in my yard!
Bracelets/Anklets for sampler
Okay, really I finally finished the bracelets/anklets I'm sending along for the "Capturing Creativity Sampler" my Plurk friend ShesBatty is doing. I made a set of ten- click the below images to see them larger.
Bracelet/Anklet set 1 Bracelet/Anklet set 3
Bracelet/Anklet set 2
Hopefully I didn't duplicate any when I was editing the photos. Boy, is it hard to take a picture of your own ankle! I made these crocheted hemp things long (anklet length) in case whoever gets them wants to wear theirs as an anklet; I'm going to include a note that says that they can trim the ends and reknot if they want it bracelet length.

I was listening to the Spin Doctors while making these anklets; for some reason that band always puts me in a really good mood, so that improved my day, too. :)

Shop funness!
I sold two sets of runes today and also got a custom order for a pair of cartilage chain earrings. Hooray! That means I get to make more runes and when I make those earrings, I'll probably make a few at the same time (you know, since my supplies will be out). I don't think I can mention enough how much I love custom orders- I always get the nicest people! :D

I'm also going to be getting more art supplies this week (had to wait for my fiancé to get paid), so I'm looking forward to that, too!

The only bad thing is because it's suddenly so cool here (I think the news said we're getting October weather), that means that my back is really hurting and I've come down with some sort of bug (nothing too major so far, knock on wood). I'm going to go read, I think; I'm still slowly working my way through The Silmarillion. I don't think it's ever taken me this long to finish a book before!


luthien said...

wowee!! hoorah for henry!! your nature pictures are really lovely you know... i think they'll make great backgrounds for your products.

threadsofmagique said...

Wow, what a great day!! I knew Henry would catch on. He was just so cute!!

mermaiden said...

the silmarillion is definitely a chewy read :D

are you inspired to make more plushies that will capture attention like henry? seems like you jut got a big message!

Mana Moon Studios said...

Oh my, it appears I've missed all of the excitement being away but who wouldn't blog about such a darling as Henry! Too cute - congratulations!!

Merily said...

Thanks, guys! I'm really proud of how Henry came out. :D He got mailed out today (well, yesterday now) so I'm really hoping that the person he's going to loves him. :)

Luthien- I hope the background idea works. I'm going to try taking photos on a white background or make a new lightbox (mine got tossed when I moved), then edit out the white and add in the nature.

Julie- I'm all for difficult reads (heck, I want to be a professor of early British literature), but for some reason the Sil is so much harder for me. This is the second time I've tried reading it, but this time I'm not going to give up, lol. I think it's all the Elvish words that are the problem; I can never remember who is who and what is what and hate having to keep looking it up.

I'd love to make more plushies like that, but I'm kind of iffy about putting licensed characters in my shop. Commissions and custom orders are hopefully okay.

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