Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yay for vacations and finished plushies!

Trove Thursday will be posted at some point soon, but I wanted to blog about the finished doll I made for my best friend and our trip down the shore. :)

I didn't think I'd be able to get down the shore this year because my health tends to keep me from leaving the house, but fortunately I was able to go when my best friend and her mom (also one of my good friends) invited me down for the day. I'm so glad we went- it was so much fun and the beach was great! The weather was perfect and the water was surprisingly warm for Jersey. We also hit the arcade and I got a really pretty faerie sculpture, and while there we also played Lord of the Rings Monopoly and "Ocarina of Time" and talked about costumes and "Order of the Stick". It was geeky fun! :D

This is my favorite picture:

Care and I were doodling in the sand (we ended up using our nicknames) and her mom had the idea for us to get our feet in the photo, too. We left that there so until the tide came in people probably went "what stupid names!", lol!

I have more pictures and blatherings about the trip in my personal blog- you can find that here. :)

I know a few of you have wanted to see the Dark Link plushie I've been working on for Care, so I'll post a whole bunch of pictures I took of him; I took the photos on the grass so it'd look like he was in Hyrule field or something.

I'm really proud of how well he came out, even with my Epoxy disaster with the shield (where I'd been trying to glue it didn't work, and now his right bracer is shiny). He's crocheted from acrylic yarn (except for the shiny trim around his tunic to look like chainmaille), his hair is acrylic yarn, his belt and bracers are felt, and his sword, shield, and scabbard are painted polymer clay. I'm really happy with how that shield came out; I had to paint the design with the back of my paintbrush because none of my brushes were small enough. It worked, though!

I forgot to give him his earrings, but I'll do that this weekend. I found that a problem with working with an all black doll is that a lot of the detail gets hidden; I painted his boots to look accurate and I gave him little painted ties on his hat and tunic, but those are all hard to see. The paint on his one eye also got scratched some and I didn't notice until it was too late, but that mistake actually worked out because now it looks more realistic, like light's reflecting off of it.

Overall, though, I love how he came out. Maybe now I'll get the kick I need to finish the Sheik and Pit ones I started months ago. ;)

I still have to make Care horns, a plushie of her D&D henchman, and finish her sweaters, so I'll post pictures when those are done, too.


Rose Works Jewelry said...

He looks great! Gordon (my brother) thinks it's cool too :D

Merily said...

Aww, thanks, guys! :D

luthien said...

he's really cute you know :) what a lot of work you've put into this! did you make the polymer clay bits too? the yarn work looks really tight and neat :)

threadsofmagique said...

He's delightful! You sure put a lot of thought and care into it

Merily said...

Thanks, guys! Yeah, a lot of work goes into making plushies, but it's so much fun to make them! :D

Luthien- Yup, I made everything on him; sometimes my fiancé will make the polymer clay weapons and things for my dolls (he knows more about weapons and armor than I do), but for this one I made all the clay things. :)

Mana Moon Studios said...

How wonderful that you made it to the shore!! The doll came out fantastic too!

Merily said...

Thanks, Sharon! :D I'm so glad I got down the shore- it was so much fun!

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