Thursday, September 03, 2009

Celtic necklace, custom earrings, and elf costumes

Yup, I forgot Trove Thursday for two weeks in a row. I was so busy working on my costume things today (see below) that I forgot to post it. I'll try to do that tonight or tomorrow or something, though; I miss picking out pretties!

Right now I want to share my most recently finished art. Yay, art, especially when it's finished! (The WIP bars on the side of my blog just keep piling up, LOL!)

First, things I made for my shops.
Sidhe Draoi - Celtic beaded hemp necklace or anklet
(It's here in my Etsy shop and here in my Artfire shop.)
This beaded hemp necklace/anklet is called "Sidhe Draoi"; I normally name my jewelry after Greek mythology and creatures, but since this one has a Celtic knot I thought a Gaelic name would be more appropriate. After doing a google search I found the Sidhe Draoi and they fit this necklace perfectly; they're androgynous and playful tree spirits like dryads, and are seen as wisps of pure light high in the trees. The light fits the clear beads, the leaves represent the trees, and this is pretty much unisex.

I wanted originally to name this after Pan because the tube beads reminded me of pipes/flutes, but He didn't really fit with the Celtic feel of this necklace; I'll have to do another one for Pan later.

The next art I made for a custom order; she wanted a pair of chain earrings in blue and purple:
Blue and Purple Cartilage Chain Earrings (cartilage one) Blue and Purple Cartilage Chain Earrings (lobe one)
Those pictures don't do them justice- they're so much brighter and prettier in actuality.

And now for something I'm making for myself. I've been working on my elf costume in the hopes that I'll be up to going this weekend or next weekend to the faire (I didn't get there last year so I'm really itching to go!). I fixed my bodice today; I'd lost about 35 pounds since I bought it so it was really loose. It's still kind of loose and now under the arms looks a bit wonky, but it fits better.

The main thing I've been working on, though, is this skirt:
Elf overskirt

Elf overskirt
I know it's a bad picture and it looks stupid with normal clothes (although all my clothes are elfy colors, now that I think about it), but I wanted to give you a sense of the length. I'm going to be wearing this with a long green skirt or my brown suede elfy pants- I'll get better pictures once it's with the costume.

I got this yarn last year from a swap but didn't know what to do with it since I loved the color so much and wanted the perfect project for it. I lucked out because it was just the amount I needed. :) If you're on Ravelry, it's this pattern only shorter and with a trim on the bottom that I added instead of following the pattern. I'll be wearing it with some sort of belt, probably one of the brown ones I have (it has to be a small one to fit through the belt holes).

I really should block this so it doesn't get all weirdly out of shape (and to give it a better shape, lol). I'm not used to blocking much, though, since I usually use acrylic yarns, so I hope I can get it to work.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to make a functioning pair of clay elf ears. *crosses fingers* I'm so close to getting the design right! I'd also like to make some clip-on dreadfalls (my hair is still too short to wear the kind I made on the elastic ties) to match.
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