Saturday, September 05, 2009

Costume things and a barrel of yarn

This is apparently Elf week here over at Elbit Blog. ;) I finished two more pieces for my Elf costume for the renfaire (I'm hopefully up to going tomorrow *crosses fingers* but if not, I'll go sometime soon).

First, the bracers:
Bracers 1

Bracers 2
They're a bit darker than the second photo; the first is more accurate. I decided that my costume really needed some bracers, but since the only ones I had were black and that really didn't match my green/white/brown ensemble, I had to improvise. I crocheted these up in an hour or two using acrylic yarn, then laced them up with some suede/leathery cord. Tada! Cheap and quick bracers! They actually look pretty accurate, so I may start selling them in my shops, too. :)

The next thing is a circlet I finished tonight:
Leaf circlet
(Click to view it larger.)
After not being able to find the green circlet I bought last year anywhere (I swear I bought one! It must be in storage in one of my other jewelry boxes), but really really wanting one for my costume, I decided to try my hand at making one. I don't normally work with wire, so it's not perfect, but it'll do. :) I threw this together in about an hour- it's plastic, glass, stone, and wood beads with a lampwork leaf charm and smaller plastic leaf charms all on green wire with a silver colored chain. I got the large leaf bead from StudioMarcy on Etsy ages ago; I bought two leaves along with lots of random sculpture beads, but hadn't figured out what I wanted to do with any of them until now (yeah, I could put them on things to sell but I want the beads). ;)

I do love how all the colors look on this, but I think if I decide to put this kind of thing in my shops I'd have to spend more time on them to make sure all the loops are the same size. I'll admit to not being too great at that kind of thing, what with usually only using hemp and jump rings in my jewelry.

The last thing I wanted to share tonight isn't art, but it's certainly art-related. My fiancé's mom was helping someone move things (I think it once belonged to the person's mother?) and they asked her if she knew anyone who could use yarn. My future mom-in-law is awesome and knew that I would love it, so she snagged the yarn for me. :D
What she got me was a barrel of yarn! A barrel!
Barrel of yarn!
So yay, free yarn! It's about 21 balls of various sizes, and as far as I can tell it's acrylic (I'm pretty good at judging fibers by this point, lol) in colors I didn't have, so it'll be great for my plushies! The way to my heart is through free art supplies, but that's probably obvious by now. ;)

The overskirt I crocheted the other day is still drying after being blocked; I'll get a photo of how it looks finished soon.


luthien said...

goodies goodies!! love your bracers and the circlet is an absolute beauty!! love love love the colors on it!!

Merily said...

Thank you, Luthien! :D I'm such a sucker for greens with a little brown mixed in. ;)

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