Saturday, September 05, 2009

Featuring more elven goodies!

For the first time in months, I managed to snag a treasury on Etsy (seriously, I stink at this; even using the tool on that tells you when they open, I'm never at the computer at the right time). I decided to continue my elf theme I used for my last Trove Thursday, but this time I only included members from my six street teams, rather than everyone on the site (when I make treasuries, I fill them with teammates to help promote the groups).

My "Elven Enchantment" treasury can be found here until the 7th, but I wanted to include a screencap on my blog, as well, so you can see the alternates that are hidden on the Etsy page.
Elven Enchantment treasury
As far as I can tell, I included members from EtsyFAST, EtsyHookers, FAE, EAST, POEST, Createability, and ABST- whew, that's a lot of teams!

Click the image to view it larger; that way you can see the usernames of everyone in it. To find those individuals on Etsy, just type the username before "". For example, the first one (my friend Julie, by the way ;) ) would be and just enter that in your browser's address bar.

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