Monday, September 07, 2009

New hemp necklace and some treasuries

Now for a piece of jewelry that's completely opposite from my usual Elf fixation- my "Dwarven Delving" necklace:
Dwarven Delving - shiny beaded hemp necklace
It's being modeled by my shoulder dragon; appropriate since it's named after jewels. It's here in my Etsy shop and here on Artfire. It's crocheted from black hemp cord and has dark beads that reflect different colors.

Well, I guess Dwarves are opposite Elves. Perhaps Orcs would be since those were made from Elves, but that's really only in LotR and not regular fantasy (hey, SwampFox, what are your thoughts on this? ...Wait, I'm Meri, not my D&D character; I can't ask my henchman. Wrong alias!). So yes, I'll go with my original comment. ;)

The only other thing I have to share tonight are that I'm in two treasuries- yay!
-One of my FAST teammates MyLab included my runes in this really pretty blue treasury.
-And my dreadfalls are in this stunning "Unseelie Masquerade" treasury by my FAE friend ErtheFae.
Thanks for including me, guys!

I've been feeling extremely lethargic and run down today; I know I'm spent from the trip to the faire yesterday, but I think I've also been fighting off a bug for the past week. I'm going to call the doctor tomorrow. I hate feeling this crummy because there is so much art I want to make and I just have no energy- hopefully soon I can get to work on crocheting feathers for wings and some bracers for my shop.


luthien said...

elf fren :)
i have an award waiting for you at my blog :)

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Congrats on the treasuries - and love the necklace!

Merily said...

Ooo, I'll head there now, Luthien. :)

Thanks, Ruthie! :D

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